Bed Scrunchie Review

bed scrunchie review

Say bye-bye to loose, wrinkly bed sheets forever and convert your bed to that of a hotel with Bed Scrunchie! This Bed Scrunchie review will explain all you need to know about Bed Scrunchie, the world’s first complete bed tightening solution with fabric clips (Bed Scrunchie Clips) that are gentle and provide tough hold on your bedsheets. The main features and advantages of Bed Scrunchie will be discussed in this review, alongside why you should buy this bed sheet tightener and why Bed Scrunchie is not a scam. Let’s explain what Bed Scrunchie is and subsequently its main features and others.

What is Bed Scrunchie?


Bed Scrunchie is the world’s first complete bedsheet holder with a solution to your loose, wrinkly bedsheets. Is your bedsheet wrinkly or loose, maybe it’s too short and you always wish for fitted sheets that stay tight? Probably you combined your bedsheet with a feather bed, protector, or mattress topper or you have kids that like jumping on top of your mattress causing your sheets to be loosed or wrinkled. Bed Scrunchie is the solution!

Bed Scrunchie comes with fitted sheets clips known as Bed Scrunchie Clips. Bed Scrunchie clips are fabric clips made of the most durable plastic. The bed sheet gripper clips or bed sheet grippers are completely replaceable and very durable. Bed Scrunchie is a complete sheet scrunchie that keeps your sheet on your mattress securely. Unlike other sheet tighteners and sheet holders, you could find online, Bed Scrunchie clips to your bedsheet edges first without lifting the mattress. Bed Scrunchies keep sheets tight (no matter the size of the sheet) and make you sleep tight, all night!

Do you know that you can use two Scrunchies simultaneously? One can be used for the bed sheet, while the other one can be for your mattress protector or topper if necessary. Click here now and order for one of the best bed sheet fasteners you can currently find in the market; while you continue reading and get impressed with the main features of Bed Scrunchie discussed next in this Bed Scrunchie review.

Main Features of Bed Scrunchie

These features below have earned Bed Scrunchie excellent reviews:

  • One Size Fit All Beds: This fitted sheet holder is suitable for all bedsheets, bed types, and sizes.
  • 360-Degrees Hold: Its elastic straps and fabric clips provide a complete hold on your sheets for you to sleep tight, all night. Enjoy the bed tight sheets you have always wished for!
  • Zero Mattress Lifting: It clips to your bedsheet edges first without lifting the mattress.
  • Holder and Tightener For Bed Sheets That Are Loose: Reinforced with parachute strength bungees cord, its elastic straps don’t lose its grip until you remove the locks. This makes it a good holder and tightener for loose bed sheets and mattress toppers.
  • Extender: It works as an extender for sheets that are short-fitted. Secure
  • Converter: It converts your flat sheets to fitted sheets that stay tight for you to sleep comfortably, all night. These fitted sheet suspenders hold and keep your bed sheets firmly in place.
  • Lifetime Warranty: It is quality-assured for life.
  • Backed by Sleep Tight Guarantee: Bed Scrunchie has a 100-day guarantee, giving you 100 days to test the device, see if it works on your bed, and decide if it’s worth the price.

Bed Scrunchie Advantages

  • Perfect for all sheets and mattresses, it works for all bedsheets and mattresses-loose fitted sheets, short sheets, and flat sheets-removing all wrinkles and corner pops. These sheet corner holders are exactly what you need.
  • Quick and Easy Setup, Setting up Bed Scrunchie is fast and quick. Just three steps! Clip it onto your bedsheet and secure it using the fabric clips to your mattress, slats, or bed spring. Once it’s in place, these bedsheets and mattress suspenders should keep your bedsheets firm and secure.
  • Durable bed sheet tightener, Bed Scrunchie’s bed sheet clips are made of the most durable plastic and the string cord is made of the strongest bungee cord and is replaceable.
  • Quality Assured, Its quality is perfect and you have a 100-day guarantee to test this product to see how it works on your bed and if you are okay with the price.


  • Not sold in stores, it is not available in physical stores and can only be purchased online. This makes its stocks to be limited and frequently in demand. Click here now and purchase yours now before its stocks run out!

How to use Bed Scrunchie?

how to use bed scrunchie
  1. Step 1

    Lay fitted bedsheet on the bed with the elastic side facing up

  2. Step 2

    Attach clips 10-12 inches from the right and left of corner seams

  3. Step 3

    Snapping in the Bed Scrunchie

  4. Step 4

    Flip the fitted bedsheet over

  5. Step 5

    Place fitted bedsheet on the mattress as you normally would, starting at the corners

  6. Step 6

    Be sure to grip the Bed Scrunchie and bedsheet together

  7. Step 7

    Make sure your Bed Scrunchie is placed fully under the mattress

  8. Step 8

    Slide the wheel lock up to the buckle

  9. Step 9

    To tighten, pull the rope apart in opposite directions

  10. Step 10

    Secure rope safely under the mattress

Bed Scrunchie
The Best Holder Straps On The Market

Why Buy Bed Scrunchie

Bed Scrunchie will provide a flawless Five-Star hotel look and create those perfect military corners you always desire! Below are the reasons Bed Scrunchie has earned excellent reviews and why you should buy it:

  • Keeps your bedsheet securely in place. These bottom sheet holders come with elastic straps and fabric clips that keep your sheets formerly in position without any wrinkles and corner tops.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed. It is innovative and durable. It is a home essential you will love. It is perfect for deep and memory foam mattresses and adjustable beds.
  • Sheet holder for all types of mattress. Are you struggling with loose or short bed sheets? Bed Scrunchie is the first complete bed sheet holder, extender, and flat-to-fitted sheet converter in the world.
  • Comfortable night sleep. Try for 100-Nights! If you’re not 100% satisfied, contact us for a refund.

Does Bed Scrunchie work, or Is It A Scam?

bed scrunchie holder straps

Bed Scrunchie is not a scam, it is patented and the ultimate bedsheet solution to your loose, wrinkly bedsheets. Several Bed Scrunchie reviews have confirmed how effective this sheet fastener or mattress topper holder is. Bed Scrunchie is the only complete bed sheet holder in the market that holds and extends and converts your flat bedsheets into fitted bed sheets. No matter the type and size of your mattress and bedsheet, Bed Scrunchie keeps your bedsheets tight onto your mattresses and free from wrinkles and corner tops.

Bed Scrunchie is the most effective and strongest sheet holder out there. A test on a 70lbs mattress was done by the manufacturers of Bed Scrunchie to show that it’s the most effective and strongest bedsheet holder solution in the market. After a series of testing, it was proven there is no product that can pass the Bed Scrunchie Lift Test in the market. This patented and innovative Bed Scrunchie will not and never lose its grip on your bottom sheet.

So, if you have always wanted and enjoyed sleeping on tight fitting sheets, then click here and order for your Bed Scrunchie. Don’t forget or leave a review while you enjoy and sleep tight, all night!

Bed Scrunchie
The Best Holder Straps On The Market

Who is Bed Scrunchie Fit For?

bed scrunchie clips

Bed Scrunchie is suitable for everyone, all bed sheets, mattresses, bed types and sizes including Crib, Twin-XL, Twin, Queen, Full, Queen, Cal-King, Split-King, King, Sleep Number, Adjustable beds, deep and memory foam mattresses, hospital beds, boats, campers, all mattress toppers, featherbeds, protectors, and more.

What is the price of a Bed Scrunchie product?

To get the best price for Bed Scrunchie, click this link.

Where can I Buy a Bed Scrunchie?

Shop confidently by clicking this link to buy Bed Scrunchie. You get the best deals, price, sales, and Bed scrunchie discount code when you purchase bed scrunchie Bed Bath and Beyond.

Bed Scrunchie Refund Policy

Bed Scrunchie’s refund policy covers a risk-free money-back guarantee. Bed Scrunchie’s top-most priority is for you to have a positive customer experience. Unlike many others in the industry, Bed Scrunchie values its customers, and if you are not happy with your order, you will get a full refund from Bed Scrunchie.


  1. I have a pet who keeps on jumping on the bed. Will Bed Scrunchie keep the sheet tight in that case?

    Yes, definitely. It will be amazing to you when you find that your pet couldn’t disturb the tightened sheet.

  2. Are there any animal products in bed sheet scrunchie?

    No, there are no animal products used in the manufacture of bed scrunchie. These sheet holders are completely vegan.

  3. Will Bed Scrunchie Work for those with Guillain Barré Syndrome (GBS)?

    Yes, Bed Scrunchie will work for those with Guillain Barré Syndrome or GBS as it will remove the wrinkles from your bed sheet and help you sleep on smooth sheets.

  4. How many clips do bed scrunchies sheet holders use to hold the sheet?

    Eight very durable fabric clips hold your sheet firmly in place.

  5. Does the manufacturer sell clips separately?

    The Bed Scrunchie clips are replaceable. You can purchase additional clips for a small fee.

  6. What is the color of this product?

    The color choice is based on the availability

  7. What is used to keep the clips in place?

    The clips are kept in place by a high-strength parachute bungee cord and a buckle.

  8. How can you remove a Bed Scrunchie?

    Removing Bed Scrunchie is easier than installing it, simply follow the steps in reverse.
    • Remove the buckle when you pull down the black wheel lock’.
    • Make your Bed Scrunchie loose by reducing the tension (this is possible by pulling on it).
    • This is where you take out the bed sheets just the way you do it for a normal bed.

  9. How do you change sheets with a Bed Scrunchie?

    Release the buckle, loosen the Bed Scrunchie, and remove the bedsheets to change sheets.

  10. How do you clean the Bed Scrunchie?

    Bed Scrunchie is washable and can be cleaned through a peaceful aging machine.

  11. Can it be used on top or flat sheets?

    Yes! The Bed Scrunchie makes a flat sheet look like it’s customized and fitted.

  12. Would the clips cause my sheets any harm, if it’s tightly pulled?

    The clips are held together by a bungee cord that is tough and remained tightened until released.

  13. Bed scrunchie can work with which bed sizes?

    Bed Scrunchie is compatible with all bed sizes including Twin, King, Twin XL, Queen, Full, Home beds, California King, hospital beds, bunk beds, camper beds, waterbeds, RVs, inclining beds, feather beds, boats, and more.

  14. How good is the quality of the Bed Scrunchie?

    The clips have been manufactured from durable plastic while a strong bungee cord is used for making the string cord.

  15. Are there combo packs suitable for more than one mattress?

    Sure, the combo pack can be bought on our site.

  16. Would Bed Scrunchie function on a bed that is adjustable?

    Sure, Bed Scrunchie is a perfect bed sheet holder for a bed that’s adjustable. The patented complete bed sheet tightener makes sure your adjustable bed stays tight.

  17. Can the Bed Scrunchie be washed and dried?

    Yes, it can be washed and dried with a machine, but it isn’t recommended you wash your sheets and Bed Scrunchie on them separately.

  18. A Bed Scrunchie has many clips?

    Eight clips

  19. Can the Bed Scrunchie lose its grip?

    Not at all. It is reinforced with a bungee cord the strength of a parachute, and it will remain tightened until the lock is released.

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Sarah L

My sons complain always about the look of their bedsheets daily. It’s wrinkles and loosed. It is hard on the sheet itself because they share the same bed. Luckily I came across Bed Scrunchie reviews and they caught my attention. My sons love it! Behold, I am now here writing my review of what I experienced with Bed Scrunchie

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Bed Scrunchie

The Best Holder Straps On The Market
10 Total Score
Bed Scrunchie

The Best Holder Straps On The Market

Value for money
Ease to use
  • Perfect for all sheets and mattresses
  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Durable bed sheet tightener
  • Quality Assured
  • Not sold in stores
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