Blaux Portable AC Review 2022: The Best Portable AC Available In The Market

blaux portable ac

Blaux Portable AC is the quickest way to overcome heat, especially during the summer. Several Blaux Portable reviews say that “Blaux Air Conditioner is quite more than a personal air cooler”. This Blaux Portable AC review highlights its main features, advantages, and disadvantages, why it is worth buying and not a scam, FAQs, user reviews, and others.

What is Blaux Portable AC?

blaux air conditioner

Blaux Portable AC is an advanced cordless air cooling and humidifying device that is very useful and makes you feel comfortable during the hotter days and nighttime of summer. You no longer have to struggle to sleep any longer as a result of hot weather. It is lightweight and rechargeable; and with a little quantity of water, Blaux Portable Air Conditioner provides cooler, clean air circulation at all times and anywhere.

Blaux Portable AC uses the “Peltier effect”. This effect, using thermoelectric cooling conductors made of titanium, creates a difference in temperature through the transfer of heat between the junctions of these thermoelectric cooling conductors resulting in cooling.

Blaux AC’s multi-directionally designed air vents allow you to rotate it to any direction you want through its adjustable louver for targeted airflow. Get to know more about this great product as you continue to read this Blaux Portable review.

Main Features of Blaux Portable AC

  • Cordless AC Fan: It’s portable and truly cordless; the perfect choice in summer for offices, homes, outdoor picnics, camping, etc.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery: It is rechargeable with a USB/DC/Power bank. A fully charged Blaux AC can run for at least 4 hours.
  • Refillable Water Tank and Battery Capacity of 2000mAh: With Its refillable 300 ml water tank and 2000 mAh battery capacity, Blaux Portable AC can last for about 4 to 5 hours when it is filled up and fully charged. With a 20,000 mAh power bank, it can work for about 5 to 10 hours without you getting worried about a power outage.
  • 7-Color Light Options: When used as a nightlight, it puts you in a great mood and makes you fall asleep easily.
  • 3 in 1 Multifunction: It operates as a Normal Fan (without water), Cool Humidifier (with water), and Mini Air Conditioner (with ice Cubes) to keep you comfortable during the hot summer.
  • 3 Fan Speed Level: With its humidifier and air cooler functionality, Blaux Portable AC operates in three levels of fan speed-Low Gear, Mid-range, and High Grade-taking out hot, dirty air and comforting you with cooler, clean air.
  • Energy-saving With Healthy Air Circulation: Blaux Portable AC is high energy efficient. With a power rating of 1W to 8W, Blaux Air Conditioner saves you of increasing electricity bills. It is eco-friendly and contains no harmful refrigerant. It doesn’t have a compressor like our regular AC that consumes more power.
  • Quality Assured: It refund policy offers a 30-Day money-back guarantee for this product.
  • Durable filters: Unlike other Portable AC filters, Blaux Portable AC filters can last for six to eight months before they can be replaced.

Blaux Portable AC Advantages

  • Noiseless operation, Blaux AC generates a sound level less than 40 dB when in operation. This is nearly a noiseless sound and this makes it the best companion for a peaceful night sleep
  • Fast cooking, with its 300 ml water tank, Blaux AC provides a chilly blast of clean air in less than 30 seconds. This is quite awesome!
  • Adjustable air vent, this enables you to enjoy targeted airflow and cooling. Simply adjust the air vent through the flexible louver on your Blaux Portable AC
  • Variable fan speeds, its 3-fan speed level offers the most comforting cooling experience
  • Easy and quick to set up, It takes a few minutes to set up and Blaux Portable AC is ready for use. Simply fill the tank of water and turn it on. And in 30 seconds, you will start enjoying the cool breeze from this product.
  • Portable, Blaux Portable AC’s lightweight design and type-C USB charging cable make it a perfect fit for your travels, picnics, camping, homes, and offices.
  • Easy Maintenance, The simplicity in its design makes this Portable AC to be easily cleaned using a home disinfectant and dry cloth. According to reviews, its filters are replaced between 6 and 8 months.


  • Easily sold out, Blaux Portable AC stock is limited and it’s easily sold out. Click here now and quickly order a Blaux Portable AC.

How To Use Blaux Portable Air Conditioner?

blaux portable air conditioner

With only a few easy and quick steps highlighted below, you can start having cool, fresh, and clean air in about 30 seconds.

  1. Step 1

    Detach the water tank and add 300 milliliters of water into the water tank.

  2. Step 2

    Put back the water tank and its filters and ensure it fits properly.

  3. Step 3

    Turn ON the Blaux Portable AC and in about 30 seconds you will start enjoying, cooler and cleaner air.

Blaux Portable AC
Get the best air conditioner on the market

Why Buy Blaux Portable AC

Below are the reasons behind Blaux Portable AC’s excellent reviews and why you should buy this product.

  • More than a personal air cooler. Blaux Portable AC works faster than the normal AC and it’s cheaper to operate. This helps to reduce your energy bills.
  • Multi-purpose. Blaux Portable AC can be used as a humidifier and as a normal fan. Unlike your regular ACs that dries your skin, nose, throat, and lips, this product keeps the atmosphere moist during the summer, which is beneficial to your dry and cracking skin.
  • Say bye-bye to that feeling of heavy heat. With Blaux Portable Air Conditioner you no longer have that feeling that comes with being trapped underneath a blanket that is just brought out of a dryer. It is the quickest and most reliable method of dealing with too much heat and a dry atmosphere during the summer.
  • You are in control. With its 3-fan levels, this portable AC gives you control over the type of cooling you desire when playing, relaxing, or working.
  • Sleeps peacefully and comfortably. It generates almost zero noise when in use. This makes you sleep comfortably and peacefully.

Does Blaux Portable AC work, or is it a scam?

blaux portable ac review

Blaux Portable AC works perfectly and it’s the best for your outdoor picnics, camping, homes, and offices during the hot summer weather. It provides clean cool air and is eco-friendly. It is not a scam! Enjoy your summer with Blaux Portable AC without any stress. Its quality is assured with a 30-Day money-back guarantee refund policy.

Click this link and order for one now and make yourself comfortable with this powerful personal clean-air cooler. Don’t forget to leave feedback as you enjoy Blaux Portable AC!

Blaux Portable AC
Get the best air conditioner on the market

Technical Specifications of Blaux Portable Air Conditioner

Power source: Battery powered
Capacity: 300 mL water tank
Number of speeds: 3
Wattage: 1W-8W
Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium battery


  1. How much área can a Blaux Portable AC cover?

    It is recommended that Blaux Portable AC should be used in a relatively small room. As a piece of advice, avoid Portable ACs that claim an area coverage of over 500 feet square as this impacts its performance.

  2. Does the Blaux Air Conditioner filter need to be replaced?

    Yes. Replace filter when it starts to accumulate dust, usually between 6 and 8 months.

  3. How is Blaux AC used?

    Simply pour water into the water tank and turn ON the device. It starts working in about 30 seconds.

  4. Is Blaux Portable AC dangerous?

    Blaux Portable AC is not dangerous as it doesn’t cause suffocation, illness, or release toxic substances into the atmosphere.

  5. Is Blaux Portable AC Legit?

    Blaux Portable is legit and not a scam. Numerous reviews have confirmed the features and benefits of this product. Click this link and order for one now and you will never regret having Blaux Portable AC

  6. Does Blaux Portable AC Really work?

    Yes. Blaux Portable AC works perfectly well. Read the user reviews below.

Blaux Portable AC Review From Real Users

I usually sleep on the bed with a fan by my side. The fan’s noise was disturbing and worrying. After several excellent reviews, I bought Blaux Portable AC and I have never regretted having it. No noise. I enjoy cold air always.

Henry F

I have my mum Blaux Portable AC as a birthday gift who works from home in a small room. She loves it so much and makes her do her jobs comfortably

Elizabeth T

I lived in my parents’ house after they died and it’s an old house that couldn’t support the installation of regular ACs, but I came across Blaux Portable AC online and I was so happy. It cools my room very well and I have been using it for 6 months now and I haven’t changed the filters.

Rodriguez H

Blaux Portable AC

The Best Portable Air Conditioner On The Market
9.5 Total Score
Blaux Portable AC

The Best Portable Air Conditioner On The Market

Value for money
Ease to use
  • Cordless AC Fan
  • Rechargable Battery
  • Water Tank
  • 7-Color Light Options
  • 3 Fan Speed Level
  • Durable Filters
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Limited stock
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