Bondic UV Glue Review | The Liquid Plastic Welding Kit REVIEW

You know how devastated you feel whenever you accidentally damage your stuff? And have you ever been in a position where you want to have that damaged stuff fixed by all means? For as long as we can remember, the closest you can get to fix such broken items is using a super glue. Unfortunately, there are only a few things that can be satisfactorily fixed with a super glue.

Bondic is the new replacement for a super glue. With bondic glue, you can fix almost anything that is broken. Well, let’s not be in a hurry to spill out the beans. This bondic liquid plastic welding review will detail all the information you need to know about this item.

What is Bondic Glue?

Main Features of Bondic Glue

This bondic review will intimate you with some of the outstanding features of this liquid welding kit as seen below.

  • 100% versatile: Bondic liquid glue works on almost any material you can think of. It is not like a super glue that works on only few materials.
  • Durability: You cannot bond a broken item with a bondic glue and it will be bad again. That is common with a super glue. Bondic liquid welding helps you hold the broken materials in place for as long as possible. Its bonding can last longer.
  • Controlled drying: The bondic glue liquid welding kit comes with a UV light. The light is what is used to dry the bondic glue after it has been applied. In other words, no UV light exposure, no drying!
  • Safety: Against what many people have speculated, bondic glue is extremely safe to use. The Ultraviolet plastic welder seem to have been produced from non-toxic materials. When you look at it from various perspectives, it is safer than any other glue alternative you can think of.
  • Resistant: It is resistant to heat and water.

Bondic Advantages

  • Is different from super glue. Unlike super glue where you could get your fingers glued, you just need to weld the broken items together with bondic glue and that would be all.
  • Easy to apply. The process is extremely convenient, so it doesn’t take as much time as you would with a super glue.
  • Environmentally friendly. With bondic liquid welding, your immediate environment will not be messed up like when you are using super glue.
  • Suitable for all materials. It can bond almost any type of material you can think of. Glass, wood, ceramics, plastics, you name it, it can bond them tightly together for a long time.
  • Control the way it dries. Bondic glue dries out on your own terms. But super glue dries out immediately it is applied. The bondic glue will only dry up when it is exposed to UV light.
  • Non-sticky. It doesn’t stick to your fingers like super glue does.
  • Resistant. It is completely resistant to water.
  • No technical instructions needed. You don’t need any kind of technical knowledge before you can use it.


  • Finishes too soon. You may need to buy a refill sooner than you had thought.

How to use Bondic

Bondic is used in four stages. Outlined below are the four stages

  1. Step 1

    Clean the broken materials and ensure the edges are smooth

  2. Step 2

    Apply bondic glue to the areas affected (the portions you intend to weld)

  3. Step 3

    Apply the ultraviolet light on the liquid plastic area as you piece them together

  4. Step 4

    At this stage, you smoothen the shape and paint it whatever you want with the machine sander

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Why buy Bondic Glue?

  • More effective than regular super glue. You will be pardoned if you are considering bondic glue to be one of the many super glue alternatives. Quite alright, the function of both is similar to an extent, but not in any way comparable. Bondic glue is almost ten times better and reliable than the regular super glue.
  • Works on virtually everything. Perhaps, some of your precious items have been broken for one reason or the other, and you’ve tried using super glue but to no avail.
  • Durability. You need to buy bondic glue because it has the ability to create a long-lasting bond that can hold broken materials in place for a long time.
  • Zero technicalities needed. Unlike super glues that needs to be skillfully applied before you can get results, bondic glue is just straightforward.

Bondic Glue does it work?

If you have ever come across anywhere online where the efficacy of bondic glue has been doubted, then it is obvious you were at the wrong place at the wrong time! Bondic liquid plastic welder is fantastic. It works like a charm! You can read through other bondic glue reviews and see for yourself. Most of the reviews are exactly the position of this post.

Use bondic glue to hold that broken items in place, and you can feel at peace with your heart because it is not going to part anytime soon. That is how effective it is. You cannot have any regrets when you buy this UV plastic welding kit.

Bondic Best Prices

Honestly, the prices of bondic glue should be the last of your worries. You don’t have to worry about that because we have dug out the best prices for your buying pleasure. Our focus, like that of many bondic reviews you have read, is to make sure you are getting good value for your money. So for the best bondic glue best prices, click on the link below and be amazed.

Throw Your Super Glue Away And Fix Virtually Anything!


A lot of people like you have been asking questions regarding whether they should invest in bondic glue or not. Here are some of the questions we came across:

  1. Is Bondic good enough?

    Yes, bondic glue is one of the best purchases you can make in 2021. It has a bonding quality that can hold almost anything in place.

  2. How to remove Bondic Glue?

    According to most bondic reviews, you can get rid of the bondic glue when you dissolve it methyl chloride or acetone.

  3. How strong is Bondic Glue?

    In this course of this bondic review, I had stated that bondic glue is known for creating an extremely hard gel that can bond materials together. And it will only dry up after the bond is exposed to UV light.

  4. How to use Bondic Glue?

    You do not need to be technically inclined before you can use this product. Using bondic glue is as simple as using the plastic welder to join the broken items together, before you expose it to UV light. That’s all!

  5. Can I potentially harm myself when using this adhesive?

    There is almost no chance of that happening. Bondic Glue is non-toxic, non-sticky, and totally safe for use. Even if it accidentally touches you, nothing whill happen

Bondic Glue Review from Real Users

I had my doubts about bondic before buying it for the very first time. The first impression was a good one. It’s on a different level when you compare it with regular glues.

Megan Max

Our family picture frame fell down from where we hung it and broke into different parts. Bondic glue was what helped me put it together.

Jennifer P.

The most amazing thing about this unique glue is that it does not dry out like super glue. You can decide when it dries. I am electrician; I have been using it in the course of my job.


Bondic Glue

Throw Your Super Glue Away And Fix Virtually Anything!
9 Total Score

We share with you our opinion about bondic glue. Know if this plastic welding material works with the best reviews consumer reports.

Value for money
Ease to use
  • Different from super glue
  • Easy to apply
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for all materials
  • Control the way it dries
  • Non-sticky
  • Resistant
  • No technical instructions needed
  • Finishes too soon
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