Brush Hero Review: Water Powered Wheel Cleaning Brush

Cleaning might not be the perfect plan for a Sunday morning but, whether we like it or not, we have to do it from time to time. I admit that sometimes it is difficult for me to find the energy to clean, especially after a long week at work and running around nonstop. When the weekend comes, all I want is to get cozy on the sofa! 

Despite I try to do all my household chores, I always have a hard time when cleaning the car and the outdoor furniture. My back and my shoulders really feel the pain the next days. But, what if we could clean in a easier, faster and even funnier way? The answer is Brush Hero. This hose brush not only takes half the time, but also less effort. It does all the work for you!

What is Brush Hero?

Brush Hero is a cleaning brush that has gained popularity during the last few months and it is no wonder after seeing its amazing benefits. It only needs a traditional hose to wash like you have never seen before. It is powerful enough to clean embedded dirt, but gentle enough to clean delicate surfaces. Furthermore, its soft detailing brushes can get unreachable places. The best? No electricity or battery is needed!

Main Features of Brush Hero

  • Scrub-brush rotating machine that easily attaches to any standard hose.
  • It comes with two interchangeable brush heads. One firmer brush for challenging muck and one softer for sensitive surfaces.
  • It is lightweight. Each brush only weighs 10 ounces, so your arm won’t get tired.
  • Its handle is ergonomic. It is easy to grip and non-slip, even when your hands are wet and soapy.
  • It comes with a thumb-operated button. You can easily turn it on or off wherever you are.

Brush Hero Advantages

  • It can be attached to any conventional hose. You won’t need adicional items, just connect it to your existing hose and that’s all!
  • Fits into unreachable places and hidden spaces to ensure optimal cleaning.
  • Cost-effective. Forget about cleaning services or useless products, save money and get a professional finish. Whatever you clean, it will look better than the day it came out of the fabric.
  • Faster and easier. You won’t have to bend over to clean with sponges or rags, its stiff-bristles will wipe moss, mud and muck without effort.
  • Guarantees deep cleaning. How many times have you found a stain after spending the whole day cleaning? This scrub-brush makes sure there isn’t dirt left. My tires have never been so shiny!
  • No electricity or battery needed. Only uses the water pressure from the hose.


  • If your hose isn’t long enough, it can be tedious since you need to move everything you want to clean.
  • It could come with a third smaller brush for tiny or narrow spaces.

How to use Brush Hero?

Anyone can use Brush Hero because it is really easy to use. First you need to assemble and attach it to the end of your garden hose. The user manual gives you useful instructions to do it. I must say that I am not a handyman at this kind of things and it literally took me five minutes.

Once you have put everything together and you have chosen the brush head that best suits the job, all you need to do is press the thumb-operated control to turn it on. At this moment it will start to spin along with the water. However, you should know that Brush Hero works with a low pressure system. Its makers created this design after proving that slow and steady movements allow better scrubbing.

Moreover, you can adjust the power of the water pressure according to your needs by hitting the trigger on the handle. The more pressure you make, the faster the water will come out. And don’t expect any mess, this amazing cleaning brush will always use the right amount of water to remove all types of dirt.

Brush Hero
The easiest way to clean any surface

Why Buy Brush Hero?

Once you try Brush Hero, you will see that it makes your life much easier. It can turn tasks like cleaning into something fast, effortless and with better results. What is more, there aren’t limits for this high rated product, it reaches any space and it is multipurpose. With just one tool you can clean countless stuff: cars, trucks, motorcycles, patio furniture, yard utensils, boots and much more.  

There is nothing difficult about its use, it provides deep cleaning and you will save money, effort and time. Nothing but advantages! This one of a kind brush has gained the approval of thousands of customers, who have confessed their positive experiences as I have done.

Brush Hero is gaining more and more recognition and it’s due to its simplicity, its incredible benefits and its good value for money in comparison to poorer options out there.

Does Brush Hero really work or is it a scam?

After so much hype with Hero Brush, I decided it was time for me to test it. I have been using it for a while now and I can assure you that it really works.  I have used it for everything: to clean the car, the grill, my son’s bicycle, the outdoor furniture and even the boots full of mud. The result? Not only it removed the dirt completely, but also remained perfect after so much use. Its quality exceeded my expectations.

I haven’t stopped recommending it to my friends. If you are also thinking of getting yours, I would say that Brush Hero is the best option you can find right now in the market. And it isn’t just me saying it, there have been sold more than 200.000 units up to this date. I think this is the best proof that Brush Hero works.

Brush Hero
The easiest way to clean any surface


  1. Can Brush Hero scrath my car?

    No way! I have used Brush Hero many times to wash my car and it has never scratched it. In fact, its bristles have been especially designed to clean even the most delicate surfaces.

  2. Will Brush Hero fit into my hose?

    Yes, Brush Hero has a universal system in order to fit any standard hose.

  3. Will it splash or create a mess?

    No, Brush Hero uses the right water pressure to spin in a slow and steady way. Furthermore, its pressure is easy to control by just hitting the trigger of the handle.

  4. Will Brush Hero use more water?

    No, just the contrary. It will use the same amount of water (or even less) to clean much more. Brush Hero is the way to reduce costs and a great eco-friendly solution.

Brush Hero Review from Real Users

 I thought that it spinned too slow the first time I used it, but then I washed a few things in the garden and I realized how clean everything was. There wasn’t any dirt or stain left!

James C.

After almost a year using Brush Hero, I recommend it 100%. I only wash my car with it now and it’s a lifesaver, it cleans the external sheets, the tires, the glass…It’s worth it, I wish I had found it before.

Robert A.

Brush Hero really surprised me. I didn’t expect it to be so lightweight and such a good cleaner. And not to mention the time I save. It’s amazing!

Mary B

Brush Hero

Keep your car clean in seconds
9.5 Total Score
Brush Hero

The easiest way to clean any surface

Value for money
Ease to use
  • Conventional hose
  • No electricity or battery needed
  • Fits unto unreachable places
  • Cost-effective
  • Faster and easier
  • Guarantees deep cleaning
  • It can be tedious
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