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CreaClip is the most versatile and widely purchased hair trimming and cutting tool that enables you to give yourself beautiful haircuts regularly. Several CreaClip reviews and feedbacks from genuine users have confirmed how efficient and effective CreaClip is, in cutting your hair and achieving a salon-quality result. This CreaClip review will explain all you need to know about the CreaClip set. Its main features, advantages and disadvantages, how to use CreaClip, why you need to buy, what CreaClip is, and others. First let’s explain what CreaClip is, before highlighting its main features, and others.

What is CreaClip?

CreaClip is a hair trimming tool that you can use to cut your hair at home without visiting a bathing salon. The main purpose of this hair cutting clip is for you to carry out your hair cuts like a professional at home without any problem and look beautiful always. CreaClip was originally designed and manufactured by Mai Leu-a beauty expert. It is one of the most versatile and commonly used hair cutting tool with rotating level. A CreaClip set is a two-piece set that consists of a large and small white CreaClip and blue CreaClip respectively. The blue CreaClip is used for the cutting of bangs and the white CreaClip is used for the cutting of long hair and layers. 

Just imagine the advantage and benefits that come with having the ability to cut and trim your hair in your home and get quality results always like cutting your hair in a nice salon. Avail yourself a beautiful CreaClip haircut regularly! In addition, CreaClip comes with several free CreaClip hairstyles cutting YouTube videos and Tutorials to make you feel and look confident while using CreaClip. Keep reading this CreaClip review for its main features and advantages and why you should buy the CreaClip set.

Main Features of CreaClip

The main features of creaclip are:

  • Suitable For All Hairstyles: Be your stylist and cut your hair at home with CreaClip. CreaClip cuts short, thick, thin, and long hair and trims hair edges precisely.
  • Easy To Use: CreaClip is user-friendly. Just clip it, slide, and cut your hair. Trim your fringes or bangs and create layered hair in minutes. 
  • Made for Your Children’s Hair: CreaClip is great for cutting the hair of your children as it doesn’t cause any injury. It can also be used by men. It helps in maintaining a hairstyle in-between haircuts.
  • Saves You Money and Time: CreaClip is cost-effective. It saves you money and time from long and expensive visits to the salon.
  • Do It Yourself Hair Trimming and Cutting Tool: CreaClip is a DIY cutting tool for your hair and for several hairstyles with a rotating level for professional and balanced-looking haircuts all the time.

CreaClip Advantages

  • Balance and Precision, CreaClip has a rotating level that gives it balance and enables you to cut your hair with precision. It works very well with all hairstyles including layers, bangs, bobs, and others.
  • Ensures your hair is uniformly spread, CreaClip has comb-like teeth that ensure your hair is evenly spread with the same hair length when cutting your hair.
  • Convenient and User-friendly, CreaClip has a curved clip that is long which makes it easy for it to be held and used in sectioning every part of the hair at once at the comfort of your home, unlike traditional hairstylists that use their fingers to hold your hair while cutting your hair.
  • Saves you money, With CreaClip, you save both time and money. Just stay in your home and cut your hair without any visit to the salon for a fee.


  • Limited stock available, CreaClip stock is limited and runs out regularly.

How to use CreaClip?

  1. Step 1

    Comb out every tangle and knot on your hair and clip CreaClip on your hair.

  2. Step 2

    Slide CreaClip down to your desired length. Don’t forget to trim little by little. You can go back anytime and cut more.

  3. Step 3

    Check the rotating level for balance and cut your hair with a sharp trimmer or scissors. When cutting, cut straight over or at an angle of 55 ° to get more texture.

The Best Cutting Tool On The Market

Why buy Creaclip:

  • Cost-effective and time saving. CreaClip makes you skip the salon to trim your hair by yourself. This saves you time and salon charges for a haircut.
  • Makes your hair appear professionally cut and healthy. CreaClip hair looks healthy with salon quality.
  • Great for kids. CreaClip is excellent for kids. It doesn’t cause injury and is safe for cutting the hair of your kids who most times are not steady when cutting their hair.

Does CreaClip Work, Or Is It A Scam?

CreaClip is not a scam and it really works. It is the most versatile and widely used hair cutting tool that helps you to cut your hair precisely and conveniently at your home and achieve a beautiful and quality haircut like it was done in a salon. CreaClip is cost-effective. There is no CreaClip alternative! Click the link and order for yours now! Don’t forget to drop feedback as you enjoy your CreaClip hair cutting tool.

The Best Cutting Tool On The Market

How much do the CreaClip Cost?

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  1. Can I use it for my kids?

    Yes, CreaClip is excellent for kids

  2. Can I use the CreaClip in thick hair?

    Yes, you can.

  3. Should I use it on wet hair or dry hair?

    It is easy with dry hair than on damp hair

  4. Can I use this CreaClip even when I have curly hair?

    Yes. CreaClip works on all hairstyles.

  5. Do CreaClips support all hair types?

    Yes it does.

  6. What does the level do?

    The rotating level ensures balance

  7. Does the level need to be in the middle at all times?

    No, it doesn’t. The rotating level is only a point of reference.

  8. Should I use a pair of scissors or a pair of pliers?

    A pair of scissors is preferable

  9. What type of scissors should I use?

    Use a sharp pair of scissors

  10. Is maintenance necessary for CreaClips?

    No maintenance is needed

User Reviews

“It’s a must-have for me in my beauty box. CreaClip is simply ingenious!”

Victor R, Canada

“This is great! My hair grew frequently and CreaClip was the right fringe/bang tool.”

George F, California

“It really worth the money”.

John Z, Alabama


The Best Cutting Tool On The Market
10 Total Score

The Best Cutting Tool On The Market

Value for money
Ease to use
  • Do It Yourself Hair Trimming and Cutting Tool
  • Saves You Money and Time
  • Made for Your Children’s Hair
  • Suitable For All Hairstyles
  • Easy To Use
  • Limited Stock Available
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