Dodow Sleep Aid Device | Review | Does it Work?

dodow sleep aid

This article has authentic information about the Dodow sleeping device which is creating hype recently. When considering options to get better sleep Dodow proves quite helpful to engage in peaceful sleep. Distinctive features of this product with pros and cons can be determinable to buy it. 

Give it a good read to know about the uses of sleeping device that works like wonder. It is better to know about customers’ views as their experience can help users. Here you will get what you haven’t explored about this sleeping aid, decide faster about the purchase.  People are talking about it, In Canada and UK buyer list is long. Get on the go, if you are looking up to buy it, here comes all details

What is Dodow Sleep Aid Device?

This rounded-shaped device looks simple apparently, a button to press to put it on working mode. It projects the rhythmic glow which drifts away from your thoughts towards the light on the ceiling. When you focus on light, your breathing machoism gets slower, as your brain relaxes in response you can enjoy deep sleep.

Thousands of people are daily using Dodow to gain effortless sleeping patterns. Disturbed sleeping habits can distract your mind, if you struggle a lot for sleeping with ease, it works.

Main Features of Dodow Sleep

  • Durable: The plastic body can resist damage using 3AAA batteries; simple touch it to get started. A corner blue light is an indication that the device is in working mode.
  • Meditation: Blue light is settled to retrieve within 8mints that allows you to inhale and exhale a maximum of 8times. Breathing exercise relaxes body muscles and releases the pressure of anxieties from the brain.
  • Easy Setup: No bundle of wires to arrange, handy to keep it in your surroundings.
  • Quality Guaranteed: This quality product has a durable covering with a sound body. It saves melatonin hormone levels of the body to create an atmosphere of relaxation. It elevates cortisols by removing anxieties from the brain.
  • Cord-Free: No worries about juggling with wires, rechargeable batteries make it hassle-free for new users.
  • Shape: This disc-shaped device has a dimension of 4.5 x 4.5 x 2-inches, looks similar to an alarm clock but does not work in that way. Without batteries, it weighs about 7ounces, which makes it a portable device.
  • Tap-sensitive surface: works with a soft touch and silently performs all the functions. Dodow has a smart body, so if you would like to place it on your side table, it will fit well with the other decor of the bedroom.

Dodow Sleep Aid Advantages

  • Chemical Free: psychological effects relax the brain without using chemicals. Cortisol triggers without using any chemical injected in blood, therefore a safer option for different age groups. At this time it’s hard to find products that possess medical qualities without using any toxin medical substance.
  • Durable and compact: easy to carry along during long trips. No wires, size, and weight are quite reasonable, and even you can keep them. This compact disc-shaped device is getting famous due to its functionality and ease to use at any place.
  • Child safe: Works well for young kids above 8years of age. Students can cope up well with exam-related stress to get results. Dodow does not use any chemical substance rather it stimulates hormonal imbalances through breathing therapy.
  • Time-Saving: taking pills or meditation classes takes a lot of time to work while Dodow is a health-friendly option to get deep sleep. Juggling for hours to get sleep will waste your time and energy in a way that can take you into a stressful cycle of pressure. Ample sleep time gives relaxation to the brain to get ready for the next-day struggle, so Dodow saves your time.
  • Easy to use: rechargeable device works seamlessly to release relaxing blue light. This is a light-weighted device that can be placed on the side table.
  • Suitable for various age groups: recommended for above 6-8 age group. After that, all age groups can use it to avoid stress with distracted sleep habits. Light elimination therapy works wonders to address health issues worldwide, this device works with the same science, hence, popular among therapists.


  • Distraction of light: The straight light extraction towards the roof is not pleasant to focus on for everyone. It can be distracting for a few individuals so consider light sensitivity before buying such a product.

How To Use Dodow Sleep Device

how to use dodow

Follow these simple steps to use Dodow sleeping aid.

  1. Step 1

    Unpack the device and read instructions carefully.

  2. Step 2

    Once you are all set for sleep, insert the batteries into the device.

  3. Step 3

    Place the disc on the side table of your bed.

  4. Step 4

    Get ready to go, for an 8-minutes session tap the touch-sensitive surface.

  5. Step 5

    You only have to follow the blue light produced by a device with your breathing sequence.

  6. Step 6

    Continue to relax and focus on the rhythm of light; taking 6 breathes per minute can align you with the relaxing mode for falling asleep

  7. Step 7

    Once the session is completed the device will automatically shut off.

Get All the Sleep You Need

Why buy Dodow

dodow review

Taking medicines can provide a temporary solution for quality sleep. Using Dodow starts training your mind to divert from overthinking and focus on the energy of blue light.  If you took 2-3 hours for sleeping using Dodow, you would reduce this time to 30-45mints.

It doesn’t adopt any chemical solution for your problem rather provides a safer option.  Dodow works within 8mints to reduce sleeping time, and this feature is dependable for the regular user. Reviews of Dodow given by customers stated that many people using it experienced developing a better habit to control distractions.

People who have Insomnia have to struggle a lot with distractions; overcoming this disorder with Dodow comes without any possible reaction. Luckily, Dodow is not using any chemical to treat sleeplessness rather than creating a breathing pattern to fatigue the brain for falling asleep.

Get All the Sleep You Need

Does Dodow works for sleeping better, or is it a scam?

dodow sleep aid device

Every person can have a different experience with a Dodow sleep device; some people don’t find it valuable; it’s all about personal needs. There are possible medical conditions such as tinnitus that will likely not make it helpful. A person suffering from such illness or serious health conditions will not be able to take benefit from Dodow. 

Dadow device is getting famous among people with having stressful working life. Melatonin creates a sleepy wave in the brain to help brain stimulation. Insomnia triggers many stress-related problems in people, that can be life-shattering.  Although no medicine yet works like phycological therapy to gain peaceful sleep patterns.   

Dodow device is a useful purchase as everyone can’t access meditation practices at home, it relaxes body muscles through uninterrupted sleep. Melatonin supplements and other sedative options work through the bloodstream while this works more naturally. 

Dodow works through a phycological mechanism for increasing cortisol levels that send signals to the brain and prepare it for sleep. Medical experts never suggest intoxicating or seductive medicines for controlling sleep disorders as these options come with side effects. Dodow works in quite a natural way which so defeats anxiety with changing practices. It is considered a safer method to.

Get All the Sleep You Need

Dodow Blue-Light Elimination Techniques

The gentle blue light is not harsh for the eyes, so it can easily align with your breathing pattern. It just works in perfect rhythm to be followed by a breathing pattern. You can start it with a 20minutes cycle, after a few days change the minute cycle.   

Dodow metronome light is less than one lux so not bothersome for human eyes. At first, you probably feel hard to adapt your breathing pattern with given light waves, however, after a few nights it will be comfortable enough.

Where Can You Use Dodow To Fall Asleep?

dodow device

Dodow works as a gadget that works without electricity as powerful rechargeable batteries keep fueling it. If you are going on a trip don`t forget to take your ally, sleeping at a new place can be challenging at times so Dodow helps. 

Dodow device is easy to carry along, sleep devices help to ave faster and better sleep patterns during travels. A new place or country’s time zone differences can distract peaceful sleep, so your struggle for adaptation can be less hard with this aid. 

What is Included In The Dodow Box?

When to order Dodow sleeping device you can expect these things in a box:

  • Dodow device
  • Three AAA size batteries with power to last almost 100 uses.
  • User manual with detailed instructions to use it.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight- 7 ounces
  • Power supply- Rechargeable battery 
  • Battery type- 3 AAA
  • Luminosity- One lux (even less)
  • Dimension- 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 2″ 


  1. Can all families use one Dodow?

    Dodow is safe to use for multiple family members. No, physical interaction is involved while using this, so no concerns about switching users. One device can be used by many family members but keep a check on the batteries in this case.

  2. How long should I use my Dodow in one sitting?

    For the first time, try it with the 8mints limit; if still, you cannot sleep, try 20mints. You can get aces for more than 20mints by pressing the touchpad twice. Depending on the individual need, a user can select the time limit.

  3. Does Dodow work?

    Yes, they do work for the person who has insomnia. Dodow can make you sleep even better and deeper. Enjoyment of sound sleep comes with this portable device.

  4. Can I use it without asking the doctor?

    Why not? You may use Dodow without any doubt about medical approval unless you have any certain medical condition. Dodow doesn't have any harmful effects; therefore, its impact on your brain is quite healthier. Still, you may ask your doctor if you feel curious about the features.

Final Veredict

When using a sleeping device such as Dodow, every person has a different experience. Struggle for falling asleep timely, which has to be adjusted with the blue light, slowly ease your body to sleeping mode. 

Summarily, if your sleeping problems are related to work stress or increased screen time, The Dodow may prove a good choice for you. But in case of serious insomnia alleviated through mental illnesses, you must need more supportive treatment options. 

Dodow Review From Real Users

Dodow is magical for me! During my journey to fight cancer, I struggled hard to sleep. Then one day my friend ordered Dodow for me. I feel thankful to her for this miraculous sleeping aid. After getting Dodow I feel much more at ease in sleeping. Thanks, Dodow.


I am an insomniac since my childhood. My wife talked to me about Dodow’s sleeping aid. I was a bit hesitant to buy it as was not sure about the quality. Anyhow, I order in fix, rather to my surprise it helps me to get better sleep instantly. Dodow changed my life for the better. Highly recommended!


Being an entrepreneur I am handling a massive business setup. I have quite disturbed sleep habits due to late-night shipments, this takes me into stressful conditions. Before buying this device I never believed that anything can help her. The blue light therapy stops distractions and helps to enjoy a peaceful sleep. Dodow is my lifetime friend now. Worth buying!


Dodow Sleep

Struggling to sleep day in and day out? Beat insomnia with the innovative Dodow sleep aid. This is your ticket towards restful sleep without using sleeping pills.
8.5 Total Score
Dodow Sleep

Get All the Sleep You Need

Value for money
Ease to use
  • Chemical Free
  • Durable and compact
  • Child safe
  • Time-Saving
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for various age groups
  • Distraction of light
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