eWatch Official Version Review [Updated 2022]

During recent scratching about the latest smartwatches on the internet, we discovered the
increasing popularity of eWatch
. People are stating very positive reviews about this; therefore,
in this article, we highlight all critical aspects of purchasing eWatch.

Get Into Active Lifestyle With eWatch Smartwatch

What is eWatch?

eWatch is a miniature version of your cell phone. You can wear it on your wrist; after that, you
can access numerous helpful features. It will keep you notified about the activities on your
social media accounts. You will get to know about incoming calls, and you can attend it.
eWatch allows you to make calls and talk through it.

Smartwatches are replacing the need for a mobile phone during crucial official meeting or
even a gym workout as it can monitor the vital elements regarding your physical health. It can
also be a part of your fitness campaign

Main Features of eWatch

  • High-Resolution Screen. eWatch has a retina HD touch system that gives you smooth access to all the worth features of an intelligent device.
  • Battery. It consists of a Lithium Polymer battery that lasts for many days. When not in use, it can automatically move to standby mode for saving the battery.
  • Light Weighted. It can weigh around 50 grams with a dimension of 100.001 x 30,5 x 30,5 mm.
  • Water-Resistant. eWatch has a water-resistant gadget that you can carry along during swimming sessions.
  • Call phone Connectivity. Blue tooth connectivity can give access to incoming and outgoing calls. It is possible to get instant notifications on your social media accounts.
  • Customized Faces. You have the freedom to choose the faces according to your moods. Select customized facing options for watch display.

eWatch Advantages

  • Made of durable shockproof material that can last long years.
  • A pedometer counts your footsteps and counts calories to keep track of your fitness regimen.
  • Keep it synced-in with any model of Android or IOS phones, no exception about specific models.
  • Bluetooth connectivity makes it possible to take calls and receive messages.
  • You can have access to your social accounts while being on the go.
  • A blood pressure and saturation tracker will measure these levels to maintain your health condition.
  • It is a watch, a fitness tracker, and Smartphone at the same time. Smart gadget to get all features handy.
  • Take pictures and keep data on your phone safely.
  • Keep you updated about your sleep patterns. You can have a complete track record of your physical fitness.
Get Into Active Lifestyle With eWatch Smartwatch


  • You will not get a lot of variety about design and color as it is only available in black. Many smartwatches look really similar and if you were searching for something more different and original, this might not be what you are looking for.
  • Requires lots of phones apps. How many times have you deteleted stuff from your phone due to lack of space? eWatch requires apps, so you will need to have always space on your mobile, what can turn challenging sometimes.
  • It can look like an Apple imitation. There is not doubt that the company of the bitten fruit is the main character in the technology world, so it is normal that other smartwatches like eWatch take reference from it. And despite they are quite similar, the functions are not the same at all. Although we must say that eWatch offers a really good value for money.

Does eWatch works, or is it a scam?

Smartwatches are now available in huge markets and can be seen on the wrist of every other person. These are legit to wear in most countries of the world. However, if you are a student or have some exam or assessment, avoid using it.

Why do we consider it a scam? when we find many positive reviews from users already having this product. eWatch is making an impact in the smartwatches market. Although the internet is flooded with information from various sources to justify competitor’s products, a buyer can better decide about making a wise choice.

Many famous contraries of the world, such as Canada, New Zeland, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Italy, have a vast market for smartwatches. People living there have made it an important part of their life. From these countries, many testimonies are given in the form of a review to recognize the actual worth of this little device.

Get Into Active Lifestyle With eWatch Smartwatch

How eWatch works

You will get the watch along with a data cable for charging and a user manual. For the first time, set it for 60 minutes, and it is good to go. Next to connect it with your phone and activate all the relevant features according to your personal needs.

You can enjoy high-end features with satisfactory display resolution. The aluminum covering made it shockproof to prevent scratches by bumping.

A hardened glass case made it safe for wear and tore during physical activities.

Easy to wear and can fit in well with every different size of wrist. Add a very decent impression to your overall look; create a chic look in your social circle. Wear it and go where you want to go without being worried about stuffing your cell phone in your pocket.

Why You Need To Buy eWatch

  • Don’t miss anything. Never think of missing important calls and messages anymore. eWatch give us that convenience to get push notifications about updates on our phones
  • Safer option for you. During driving, people prefer to use Smartwatches instead of cell phones. In most countries, it is not legal to use a phone while sitting in the driving seat, and it is not safe. So why put your safety at risk?
  • This stunning watch is the perfect combination of style and technology. Wear it to the gym or to a special date!
  • Stay organized. Whether you are a fitness freak or a busy professional, both ways eWatch work for you to have an organized life. Scheduling, meeting, and doing professional activities are made much easier.
  • Get away from phone robbery stress. Having the lastest smartphone models will make your worries several times about snatching or robbery. Getting eWatch gives you peace of mind to keep your phone away at a more secure place.


  1. Can I buy a premium quality watch at an inexpensive cost?

    If you love Apple watches, you will get almost the same features at a very reasonable cost. All technical features have the exact specification with premium quality display results. It is a better substitute for apple enthusiasts.

  2. Why should I choose eWatch?

    To get aligned with all the latest functions of a health tracker with smartphone characteristics. You have to auto-sync your phone to transfer data from your watch directly.

  3. How can you buy safely smartwatch eWatch in Your Country?

    eWatch is sold worldwide and the safety of the order is guaranteed in any country. The purchase is protected from the moment the user places the order till its delivery.

  4. How does the anti-loss system for smartwatch work?

    If your phone gets lots, you can active the anti-loss function on your eWatch, so it can updates the location once the device gets a signal.

Final Veredict

To make your life more productive, you need to organize your multi-tasking schedules. Keep things in check but never ignore your fitness goals while struggling to get very professional. As you can’t forget your essential updates, you should miss taking a tour of your daily fitness goals. It is vital to keep a track record of everything.

Adopting a modern lifestyle must have something to cater to your physical wellness. Try new smartwatches and make them a part of your life. Consider choosing a quality eWatch with high-tech features to take control of all your social activities.

Some Real Customers Reviews

Its very complete, especially the health fuctions, I always wear it for training and it is very useful. It helped me a lot to lose weight

John P.

It works great. I tried one before and had nothing to do with this. The quality is even better han I expected. Totally recommend it!

Sophia C.

After six month using it, I can say that it is amazing. It is really easy to use and it is a lifesaver when having so many calls all day. I have already recommended it to my workmates. They are gonna love it as well.

Mathew D.


Get Into Active Lifestyle With eWatch Smartwatch
9 Total Score

Get Into Active Lifestyle With eWatch Smartwatch

Value for money
Ease to use
  • Waterproof
  • Very good battery life
  • Excellent third party apps selections
  • Built-in GPS and ECG fuctions
  • You wil not get a lot of variety about design and color
  • Requires lots of phones apps
  • Looks like an Apple copy
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