Handy Heater: Everything You Should Know Before Buying

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Have you seen an advertisement for Handy Heater while changing the channel? Are you eager to know that a Handy Heater is as true as shown on TV?

Time to inform you that you are going to know everything about Handy Heater by the end of this article. 
We also elaborate Handy Heater reviews, pros, and cons so keep reading on!

What is Handy Heater?

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The Handy Heater is a portable electric heater. When you plug it in, the room is already filled with warmth. 

This Handy Heater works within a small area, but it is good enough for bedrooms. It works totally on power and doesn’t utilize anything else. No gas, no methane, no lamp fuel, and certainly no liquor.

Main Features of Handy Heater

There aren’t numerous highlights with small or cheap radiators, but the minds behind the Handy Heater shocked us with their framework. It’s evaluated at 350 watts and has two speeds with High and Low. 

According to the company, it contains sufficient power to warm up a room of  approximately 250 square feet . The salient features of the heater are

  • Save electricity. Handy Heater is rated at 350 watts and has two speeds with High and Low. Hence it’s a good energy saver.
  • Save cost. Handy heaters are available at a lower price than Zen Heater and other heaters. Therefore it has almost no weight on your wallet.
  • Easy to use. The main feature of these Handy Heaters is there is no hard and fast rule to use these Heaters. You only need to plug in your heater in a socket and that’s it.
  • Easily portable. These heaters are easily portable while picnicking, travelling, or going anywhere.
  • Switch off automatically when the desired temperature reaches. The best part of Handy Heater is, you can set your desired room temperature, it will shut down automatically.
  • Work without noise. Handy Heaters are completely noiseless while working. Hence it will not disturb your peace.
  • Stays cool while working. Usually when Heater works it becomes heated and there is an optimum chance of burning. Handy Heater removes such problems as it remains cool while functioning.

Handy Heater Advantages

  • Power: It uses a control source of 350 W of energy which is extremely prudent. With changing climate conditions, you can select between the two choices of low or high heating.
  • Design and material: The Ontel Corp convenient radiator could be a plugin gadget, so it has superb space-saving and compact features. Made from a solid thermostat, this Heater is an ideal gadget to warm the space up to 250 sq ft.
  • Cost-effective: The radiator isn’t only compact and space-saving; it saves up on your costs as well. The running cost of this gadget is low and budget-friendly. It utilizes the least power and decreases your power consumption bill.
  • Compactness: The plugin radiator is profoundly convenient. Handy Heater can utilize it anyplace, anytime. The leading part is you can even carry it along while traveling, whether you’re going on an excursion or having a weekend outdoors.


  • Not suitable for large spaces: Handy Heater covers an area of 25 square feet, so not used for large areas.
  • Not available in stores: This product is not available in physical stores. You can only get this online.
  • Not used on CFGI: You cannot use any extension or CFGI outlets with your Handy Heater.

How To Use Handy Heater?

how to use handy heater

  1. Step 1

    Plugin: Plug your Handy Heater in your desired power outlet.

  2. Step 2

    On/off Press: The On/off switch on the side of the unit to turn ON or OFF the Heater.

  3. Step 3

    Increase/decrease Temperature: Use + button to increase the temperature and – to decrease the temperature on the digital display.

Handy Heater
The easiest way to keep your room warm

Why You Need To Buy Handy Heater?

Here are some reasons to buy Handy Heater:

  • Easy to Use: The Handy Heater is made for convenience. It’s super user friendly, you just need to plug in the socket, and it emits heat instantly.
  • Digital Temperature Display: Handy Heater shows temperature digitally so you can adjust according to your requirement.
  • Cool to Touch: Handy Heater emits heat, but the upper body remains cool. Hence no risk of burning out if you accidentally touch.
  • Heating coverage: The Handy Heater’s heating coverage is about 250 square feet.
  • Smart Heating Power: Handy Heater is energy efficient as it uses only 350 W energy. Thus, it is eco-friendly.

Does Handy Heater Work, Or Is It A Scam?

handy heater as seen on tv

A Handy Heater is an efficient, power, and money-saving Heater. After looking into hundreds of Handy Heater and Zen Heater audits, most buyers are satisfied with this little electric Heater. People adored the Handy Heater’s cost and found it valuable for small zones like home offices. we prompt you to try this and thank us afterward.

Handy Heater
The easiest way to keep your room warm

Where To Buy a Handy Heater

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Although these handy heaters are available at different online and offline stores, we recommend purchasing them from the official website to prevent any counterfeiting. The website offers different discounts with increasing units.

Handy Heater
The easiest way to keep your room warm

Tech Specifications of Handy Heater

The technical details of this small handy heater are as follows

  • Type: electric socket heating
  • Power: 350W
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Weight: 300 grams
  • Dimensions: 13.7 x 8.5 x 15.5 cm

Handy Heater Price and money-back guarantee

On the official website of Handy Heater, it is available for £40 incl. Tax. 

The discount will increase if you elevate the number of your units. The product has a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


  1. Does the Handy Heater come with a warranty?

    You may get a 30-day money-back guarantee from the best service providers, but there is no official warranty.

  2. Is the Handy Heater the same as the Zen Heater?

    We cannot say that both heaters are the same, but the reviews on different websites are almost identical due to the touch of similarity.

  3. How much space do I need around the bottom and in front of the Heater?

    Try to avoid placing anything flammable around three feet of a handy heater.

  4. Can I use the Handy Heater in a bathroom or with a GFCI out?

    No, it's harmful to place a handy heater in a closed or damp area.

  5. Why won't my Heater turn on?

    If your Heater is not turned ON, try to check if the fuse is blown, or maybe the switch is not a snug fit for the socket.

  6. How much electricity does the Handy Heater use?

    Handy heaters are quite small and use 350 Watts of electricity.

Reviews From Genuine Customers

When I got this, I was stuck in an assisted living nightmare where my room would drop into the ’50s at night. They made a friend of mine take my Heater away, so I ordered this and was able to hide it except when I needed it. It probably saved me from freezing to death until I escaped that hell hole.”

JR Khandelwal

Loved it! Heats my room very well. Very satisfied with this purchase. My dog loves it too


I bought this item and a portable generator and a solar charger for blackouts. Three years ago, there was a three-day blackout where I lived. It was winter. Frigid temperatures. Stayed in bed the whole time. After that, I decided to stop being a victim to the vagaries of local electric’s sketchy reliabilities. Now I’m prepared.

Melissa A Reynolds

Handy Heater

The easiest way to keep your room warm
9.5 Total Score
Handy Heater

The easiest way to keep your room warm

Value for money
Ease to use
  • Power
  • Design and material
  • Cost-effective
  • Compactness
  • Easy to use
  • Easily portable
  • Save electricity
  • Easy sold out
  • Not available in stores
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