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Are you in possession of some movies or videos that were recorded many years back? Watching those movies could be a challenge today because you can only watch them with near-obsolete projectors and video recording machines. And even if you find a projector that can play them, how are you going to store them? That’s what iMemories does for you.

iMemories helps you convert old-time movies and video recordings in old formats into disc formats where you won’t have any problem viewing them in VCD players. Also, if you want your movies to be converted to regular DVDs or Blue-ray discs, the company can do that for you.

As a result, if you have footage captured many years ago in VHS tapes or any other format and you like to relive those memories or share them with your loved ones, iMemories reviews is exactly what you need. Kindly read through this review to understand how iMemories services can be of help to you.

What is iMemories?

Main Features of iMemories

  • Digital conversion: They are capable of digitizing your media files (videos and photos).
  • Any footage: The digitization is not limited to whether it is black and white or colored footage.
  • Cloud service: Operates a cloud storage service for storage and access of your favorite media files.
  • Durability, saves your videos or photos for a long time to come
  • All formats: Old videotapes in Betamax, VHS-C, VHS, Mini DV, and Hi8 formats can be converted to any disc format of your choice.

iMemories Advantages

  • SafeShip kit – this container is where your file, tape, reels, or whatever will be stored in before they are transported to iMemories. It is water resistant and safe enough to ensure you tapes or whatever arrives in safe condition to and fro iMemories.
  • All memory formats – iMemories can help you digitize those records of yours irrespective of the format. So you can bring in all what you and your loved ones have been using to capture those videos and photos. It can be safely preserved in digital form.
  • Quick response – if there is anything iMemories never joke with, it is time. They try as much as they can to finish your job as soon as they can. In a matter of weeks, your records should have been digitized. We are talking as fast as three (3) weeks or a little more.
  • Other related services – iMemories is not just about digitizing old records. They equally run a cloud storage service that comes along with monthly subscriptions. Are you looking for such services? You can simply get everything you need from iMemories.


  • Additional cost, you need to pay some more money if you want your media files to remain on their cloud platform for more than one month.
  • Spam mails, some people have complained of receiving spam emails after filling out their online forms.

How does iMemories work?

how does iMemories work
  1. Send your original

    The first thing you are expected to do is mail your originals to the company. Alternatively, you can order a SafeShip kit, put your items inside before mailing them to iMemories.

  2. Wait for digitization

    When they receive your videotapes, reels, or any media file, it will be digitized successfully between two and three weeks.

  3. Your copies in the cloud

    You can easily access the digital copies on the iMemories cloud, where they can be viewed and downloaded. The converted photos and videos will be hosted on the iMemories cloud for a 30-day period before it will be removed.

  4. Subscription

    If you want them to stay longer, you have to pay the usual subscription. There is also an option of saving your digitized media files onto a USB, Blu-ray or DVD. You will, however, have to pay extra charges for such services, and it will require some more weeks for the files to be ready.

Why iMemories?

imemories really work
  • 100% Secured, iMemories has a strong privacy policy that helps to ensure that a client’s property is safe from any unauthorized confidential. No matter how confidential that media file is, you can pass it on to this company, and you can be sure no one else would have a peek at what’s inside.
  • Faithful to time, if time is of the essence to you and you want the digitization to be completed within a certain timeframe, iMemories is your best bet. They have a quicker turnaround than most other companies that offer the same service.
  • Can convert virtually any format, as long as you have your media files in Betamax, VHS-C, VHS, Mini DV, or Hi8 format, digitizing it should not be a problem. You can get them in any digital format of your choice also.

iMemories Best Prices

imemories review

Content digitization is an expensive business. You need to understand that. You can either choose to have your records digitized around you or have it done by iMemories. You can pay as much as $0.70 for an image, while you have to pay as much as almost $20 for an entire tape. This is expensive if you ask me.

Thankfully, you don’t have to pay that much if you are delivering your video recordings in VHS tapes to iMemories for digitization. Instead, you will get a reasonable discount for such services. Better still, you can click on the link to engage their services, and even enjoy more discounts in the process.

Why is it Better Than Legacy Box?

iMemories offers you every single service you can get from Legacy Box, but at a much cheaper rate. Their services do not cost anything near what Legacy Box charges. If we are going by customer reviews, it’s also believed that iMemories appears to be more professional than Legacy Box.


  1. How long does it take iMemories to convert my content?

    The timing is actually different, as it will boil down to several factors. But the thing is – they try to finish your work as soon as they can. An average-sized work can be completed within 21 days.

  2. Do you have to pay for original content to be shipped back to you?

    Somehow, iMemories seem to have left out this part on their website. Yes, you are expected to pay a specific amount of money for your items to be shipped to you. It’s about $19.

  3. What formats does iMemories work on?

    Here is the good thing about iMemories; they are not limited by the type of video format. iMemories convert just about any video format that can be digitized.

  4. Why digitization services?

    It is the best way to store your content for future purposes. Digital contents are not as vulnerable as your VHS tapes, reels, or any other format usually stored in secret places.

  5. If a video is broken, can iMemories get it fixed?

    Suppose the video you sent to iMemories contains some broken footage; you can be sure those sections will be fixed when the digital copy is sent back to you.

  6. Will they send my originals back to me?

    After they are done with the digitization process, iMemories will ship the originals back to you.

iMemories Review from Real Users

I had a video recording that was made a long time ago when I was single. Now, I’m married with kids; I can still watch those videos because iMemories helped convert them.

George Morgan

I’m quite pleased with iMemories digitization services because they told me my video would be ready in a month, and they did not disappoint.

Joe Phillips

My first impression about iMemories was that their services were expensive until I made enquiries about other companies. Their rates are modest.

Antonhy Lucas


iMemories converts all of your analog media files into digital ones to let you store them on DVDs, Blu-rays, or cloud servers!
8.5 Total Score

We share with you our opinion about iMemories. To know if this digitization service works with the best reviews consumer reports.

Value for money
Ease to use
  • SafeShip Kit
  • All memory formats
  • Quick turnaround
  • Other related services
  • Cloud service requires a subscription
  • Spam mails
  • Additional cost
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