InfinitiKloud Review: Best USB for Backups 2022

This particular review will show you how you can use InfinitiKloud to beat the odds of data storage. Our PCs have become our safe haven where we store every important detail of our lives. Be it videos, photos, personal and official documents, as well as applications, we love them to be somewhere safe where we can always access them if need be. And storing them in our hard disks alone has proven to be inadequate because they can malfunction or even crash at any time. You are just about to find out makes Infinitikloud different from the rest storage devices.

What is InfinitiKloud?

InfinitiKloud storage device is designed to enable you back up your files away from your PC or mobile device. Backing up your videos, photos, music, and other file formats on InfinitiKloud is extremely easy. This device is very much like your USB, but it is not exactly the same as your USB flash drives. It has some remarkable features that put it ahead of the standard USB device. For instance, it can detect new files when you plug it into your device without you doing anything special.

It will not only locate the new files, but will also have them backed up for you. The InfinitiKloud firmware is also unique, in that it helps to protect your backed up files from being corrupted. The InfinitiKloud has been recently upgraded to ensure more security and faster copying speed. The most fascinating thing about this device is that it is user-friendly. The only thing you need to do is plug it into your PC or mobile device and it will automatically back up the necessary files. Employ this one-click storage device to safely back up all your data today in the simplest way possible.

Main Features of InfinitiKloud

  • Auto-detection capability: One remarkable difference between InfinitiKloud and other regular USB sticks is that it can detect files automatically.
  • Speed: It exhibits extremely fast capability when it comes to copying files between it and your PC.
  • Safety: InfinitiKloud ensures total security of your data. Much more secured than other regular USB devices. It comes with a built-in scanning firmware that allows it get rid of any malware or viruses when you are transferring files. It is a better option compared to cloud storage services since third parties cannot get their hands on your data.
  • Portability: You can take it along with you wherever you are going. The good part is that it is not as vulnerable to viruses as the normal USB.
  • One-click feature: Even a novice can successfully copy files with this device. You only need to plug it into your PC, login, and it will back up your files for you. That’s all.
  • Compatibility: InfinitiKloud USB is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices.

InfinitiKloud Advantages

What makes the InfinitiKloud device thick? Or is it just like any USB storage device? Go through the benefits to see for yourself;

  • Auto-detect: The ability of this device to spot files on its own without you doing anything special is quite amazing. It is more like a plug and play device.
  • User-friendly: You don’t need to be a computer geek before you can make use of it. Just plug it to your laptop and you can take it from there.
  • Portable: You can move a large amount of data with you when you have an InfinitiKloud storage device. It is portable enough to fit into your pocket.
  • File safety is secured: With the InfinitiKloud storage device, you don’t have to be worried about any viruses or malwares because it comes with a software that helps to scan the device anytime it is copying files.
  • No duplicates: It can eliminate any duplicate files as it copies.
  • Less power consumption: It requires less amount of power to function.


In this InfinitiKloud review, we have decided to be completely transparent in our assessment by exposing one or two negative things you should know about this device.

  • Minute size: Some people would have loved it if the device were bigger than it was. It can be easily be misplaced if you are careless.
  • Only available online. You can only get this device online.

InfinitiKloud Best Price

When you look at the various InfinitiKloud reviews that are online, you would notice the price discrepancies between them. And sometimes, you can just end up surfing the internet for hours looking for the InfinitiKloud best price. Fortunately, on this review, we have saved you all the stress and headache. The price of the InfinitiKloud device justifies why you need to buy one. Just click on the link to get the best InfinitiKloud deals.

The safest backup device

How To Use InfinitiKloud

  1. Step 1

    Plug the device into your PC's USB port

  2. Step 2

    Navigate your Explorer and search for InfinitiKloud

  3. Step 3

    Click on Start, so it can automatically locate and back up your files

Why You Need To Buy InfinitiKloud Device?

If it was like your normal external storage media, it wouldn’t have made any difference. But thankfully, the InfinitiKloud device has been designed to function with some superior features. It can copy files with great speed, and also ensure files copied are not duplicated in the process. If you were using a normal USB stick to copy duplicate files, you would need to do some extra task. You need to buy the InfinitiKloud because it is one easy-copying device that is perfect for transferring your files to and fro your PC.

  • Not your usual USB. InfinitiKloud is quite different from the regular universal serial bus storage devices you have seen.
  • Fast copying. This device is designed to ensure super-fast copying of your files.
  • Auto-detect. InfinitiKloud knows the files that should be backed up. You don’t need to bother yourself looking for what to copy.
  • Supports various OS. Whether you choose to back up data to your PC or mobile device, infinitiKloud can help you do the job.
  • Secured files. Its built-in firmware can fight off any most viruses and malwares. This means you can plug it into any device without fear of corrupting your files.
The safest backup device

InfinitiKloud Does It Work?

InfinitiKloud copies your files much better than any standard USB would have done. From my experience and what I have read on other InfinitiKloud reviews, I would surely recommend this device for you. It has a plug and play feature that enables it detect files on your system automatically. If you were afraid this was some kind of scam, then you can ditch that feeling. Buy yourself one of these today, and see how much fun it is to copy your files with an advanced USB like this one.


  1. Does the InfinitiKloud copies as fast as a USB?

    Yes, it even copies faster than a standard USB. It utilizes USB 3.0 copying abilities to get the job done. That is the fastest speed for copying files for many systems today.

  2. Can InfinitiKloud device work with a Mac PC?

    The InfinitiKloud device is platform independent. That means it can work with any PC. As soon as you plug it, it will be immediately recognized by the hardware.

  3. Do you need to install any software on the device?

    No! That won’t be necessary. It comes with its own software that allows it scan for viruses and malwares.

  4. Can an InfinitiKloud get corrupted?

    It is difficult for that to happen. The software in it keep it protected from intruding apps and files all the time.

  5. How is InfinitiKloud different from a USB?

    In many ways, it is not like the regular USB. First, it detects files on its own. Secondly, it protects your files without any additional software.

  6. Is InfinitiKloud Safe To Use?

    InfinitiKloud is 100% safe to use because it does not cause any harm to your files. It only backs them up.

  7. Does InfinitiKloud Last Long?

    It can last you for a long time if you don’t misplace it or handle it carelessly. It is not a fragile device.

  8. How Does the InfinitiKloud Compare to Cloud Storage?

    Cloud Storage services are normally designed back up your files automatically. They know when a new file is added to your device. That is the way InfinitiKloud works. It has auto-detect ability and will save the new files when spotted.

  9. Why is Password Protection So Important?

    That is necessary to ensure only the rightful owner of the files can access the device.

  10. How Many Photos Can The InfinitiKloud Hold?

    You can store thousands of photos on your InfinitiKloud storage device. It is in 3 distributions, 32G, 64G, and 128G. The larger the storage capacity, the more photos you can store.

InfinitiKloud Reviews From Real Users

Copying new files on my PC has been easier with InfinitiKloud because I don’t have to do any manual copying.

Dina Dyer

A friend recommended InfinitiKloud because of its ability to copy files at high-speed. I was skeptical at first, but then, I reluctantly got it and since then I have been impressed.

Key Kenny

File transfers have never been simpler for me. I will always get this device again if anything happens to mine. Kudos to the manufacturers.

Blake Cobb


The InfinitiKloud is a unique USB drive which provides a fast and simple way to back up and restore files on any computer
9.5 Total Score

The InfinitiKloud is a unique USB drive which provides a fast and simple way to back up and restore files on any computer

Value for money
Ease to use
  • Automatic Backup
  • Portable
  • 64Gb Space
  • Secure from viruses
  • Fast transfer
  • Auto-detect
  • Relatively expensive
  • Only available online
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