LifeVac Review: Home Kit Anti Choking Aid Rescue Device Safe

lifevac review

A choking person more than once coughs while attempting to expel a stuck question within the throat.

Children of certain ages, for the occasion, are absolved from “five-and-five”, and the Heimlich move can take off grown-ups with internal dying when ineffectively done.

These challenges are why there should be an item that spares children and adults from choking circumstances.

The great news, there’s such an item in LifeVac presently. Typically,  a gadget that anticipates choking crises.

We’ll be talking about LifeVac, , how it works, and everything you ought to know about lifesaving innovation.

In short in this article, we will explore about Lifevac review in-detail, below:

What is LifeVac?

lifevac device

LifeVac is an anti-choking gadget outlined to spare lives. As of February 2021, LifeVac has spared 103 lives around the world. The company, as of late, celebrated its 100th limited life, sparing a youthful child’s life after the Heimlich Move failed.

Today, LifeVac anti choking sales the gadget as a lifesaving device merely ought to keep around the domestic market. A few individuals keep different LifeVacs around their home.

You might have one LifeVac in your car and another in your kitchen, for example. LifeVac is prevalent with families, but it can work on individuals of all ages to clear a blockage.

You’ll utilize it on children, grown-ups, the elderly, and anybody else encountering a choking crisis.

Main Features of LifeVac

  • Accessible to Use: Anybody can use LifeVac to clear choking. The gadget is clear to use, and it’s feasible for somebody to use the device without requiring an instruction manual. Just connect the mask to the suction cup; at that point, press and drag the plunger to clear a blockage
  • Safe and Viable: LifeVac could be a veritable, science-backed life saving device. The device is FDA-registered and made within the United States.
  • Works in Seconds: LifeVac doesn’t require numerous pumps or minutes of work to clear a blockage. It works in seconds, clearing a blockage after a single pump.
  • No Medicine Required: LifeVac is accessible for anybody to buy online with no membership. You’ll be able to purchase LifeVac rather like you’d buy any device from the internet.

Advantages of LifeVac

  • Safe and Effective: When hundreds of specialists and experts prescribe an item, only two things go for it.
  • Security and effectiveness. Life Vac is considered secure and effective after third-party trials.
  • Timesaving: Not only is the gadget time-saving, but too lifesaving. In choking crises, each moment checks. From breathing trouble to looking for help, time could be a factor.
  • General Utilize: The gadget can be utilized by grown-ups and children. As it were, those excluded from using this gadget are those who are safe from choking.
  • Convenient and Lightweight: You’ll travel with LifeVac, as the gadget effortlessly fits into any travel sack, rucksack, or glove compartment.


  • Choking Not Suffocating: The company that offers the gadget has stated that LifeVac can only utilize it on choking victims, not suffocating victims.
  • Has Limitations: Like other medical items, Life Vac comes with rules. You cannot use the thing on children under 22 pounds.
  • Human Not Humane: Items are humane when they can spare both the lives of people and those of animals. Life Vac does not work that way. LifeVac can only utilize the item on people, not pets.

How To Use LifeVac?

lifevac how to use

It's clear for anybody to utilize LifeVac to save someone's life and clear a blockage in the airway:

  1. Step 1

    Connect the mouthpiece to the suction glass, choosing the child or adult mouthpiece based on the victim.

  2. Step 2

    Put LifeVac over the mouth and nose to create a seal. The one-way valve anticipates discussion from pushing food or objects descending when pressed.

  3. Step 3

    Press the plunger down, then drag to make a one-way suction, evacuating held up food and objects in seconds.

Where to Buy LifeVac

You can buy lifeVac from the official website of LifeVac. You can also shop it from any online store like Amazon. You may not get your lifevac from physical shops.

LifeVac is the choking rescue device that saves lives

LifeVac Price And Money-Back Guarantee

You’ll include a LifeVac Travel Kit to your buy for $49. The kit incorporates everything like the standard LifeVac unit, but you also get a transparent carrying case for simple portability while traveling.

The company will acknowledge returns within 10 days of receipt of the arrangement. Return units must be unopened. Opened units may be returned, but as it were, for a producer deformity to the team or covers.

Who Needs LifeVac?

lifevac choking device

Choking could be a driving cause of passing in people over 65 years old. LifeVac is a single-use airway clearance gadget that has spared lives all around the world.

Always be prepared with LifeVac, which is outlined to expel an aviation route obstacle in a choking crisis.

LifeVac is the choking rescue device that saves lives

Scientific Evidence For LifeVac

LifeVac is a Certified health device by FDA and Health Canada, known for saving lives by dechoking choked throats.

It’s not just a single device that has been made anyway. Instead, its release into the market results from endless scientific research and testing both medical professionals and people under strict rules and regulations that prove the efficiency and workability of the device. 

In studies on upper-airway obstruction, LifeVac proves to be more effective than abdominal thrusts.

American Journal of Emergency Medicine, International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology has even published papers that acknowledge that it’s a suitable decking device.

What’s Included With LifeVac?

lifevac kit choking

A lifeVac, made of plastic, comes with a patented one-way valve, one adult mask, one pediatric mask, one practice mask, one manual page to let the user know how to use it.

Who Created LifeVac?

LifeVac may be licensed, FDA registered lifesaving gadget outlined to offer the only, most secure strategy of suctioning a choking child or adult. Originator and CEO Arthur Lih made the device in 2011 to extend survival rates in a choking crisis and has effectively spared over 127 lives and checks.

LifeVac is the choking rescue device that saves lives


  1. Is the LifeVac device safe to use for anyone?

    Yes, it is safe as it is available in two versions for kids and adults

  2. Is LifeVac reusable?

    The client will have to be compelled to dispose of the apparatus after it is utilized one time.

  3. Does the FDA approve LifeVac?

    LifeVac is FDA enrolled as a Course II therapeutic device.

  4. Should LifeVac be used before or after performing the Heimlich?

    If you do not have any other option, use this device afterward.

  5. Is a prescription needed for LifeVac?

    No. Even though this gadget can cruel the contrast between life and passing, users won't indeed require a doctor's suggestion to induce it.

  6. Is using LifeVac painful?

    This device is as comfortable as possible, considering that a question is being removed from the throat.

  7. Does LifeVac require any special training?

    Training is not essential as you can use it by reading the manual.

LifeVac Review from Real Users

We purchased this a few months ago and unfortunately my husband had to use it yesterday. Our 7 month old swallowed a piece of a cat toy. It was too smooth and slippery to come up with back blows and luckily we had the lifevac. This unbelievably scary situation would have turned out completely different if we didn’t have this product. Buy this. Buy this NOW. I bought it as a precaution thinking we would never need it and I’m still in disbelief that we did.


As an ER physician and a new parent, choking comes unexpectedly and takes lives. This is necessary for anyone with babies. If they are choking, this is your best bet as standard practices don’t work and can damage soft developing tissue.

Michael Peltz

This purchase was a gift. The LifeVac was delivered promptly and appears exactly the way it does in the advertisement. There were first aid instructions included to help a choking victim as well as the LifeVac. We are hoping that it never has to be used but gives the gift recipient peace of mind

Lorraine Villalobos


LifeVac is the choking rescue device that saves lives
9.5 Total Score
LifeVac Choking Device

LifeVac is the choking rescue device that saves lives

Value for money
Ease to use
  • Accesible to use
  • Safe and Viable
  • Works in seconds
  • No Medicine Required
  • Choking Not Suffocating
  • Has Limitations
  • Human Not Humane
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