Lumenology Review

Lumenology is an innovative and universal motion light which provide you with a great amount of visible and quality light through a single LED. This lumenology Portable led motion light is a cost-effective way to quickly brighten virtually anywhere with high-quality lighting. This lumenology review will explain all you need to know about lumenology lamps, their main features, advantages, why you need to buy this dynamic motion sensor light, how to use it, and others. Let’s begin with what lumenology is!

What is Lumenology?

Lumenology is a lightweight and universal LED motion light that can provide a great amount of brightness up to 148 lumens using a single LED. It could be used in virtually all places. This lumenology bowl has a magnetic base and flexible tripod that provide flexible installation options that is unique in the market today. 

Lumenology Package contains:

  • 1x Lumenology Portable Motion Light
  • 1x Adjustable Tripod’
  • 1x User Manual’
  • 1x Screw + Anchor’
  • 1x Magnetic Plate’

Lumenology is equipped also with MotionSense Technology. This makes lumenology more unique. Several lumenology dual security motion light review has confirmed this unique feature of lumenology and this has earned it numerous positive reviews from genuine users. Keeping reading this lumenology review to know more about its main features and advantages.

Main Features of Lumenology

The main features of Lumenology are:

  • Portable Security Led Motion Light: Provides 148 Lumens through a high-luminance single white LED bulb’ which could be used anywhere.
  • Flexible Tripod: Enable easy, quick, and flexible installation on any ground/floor. It can also be wrapped around any beam, post, deck, fence, porch, cabinet, closet, car hood, and more. With the adjustable tripod removed, the magnets can be attached to several magnetic surfaces or used alongside a magnetic plate for attachment on a surface that’s non-magnetic.
  • MotionSense Technology: Lumenology portable motion light consists of 100-degrees FOV and 13-feet detectable range camera, which can detect motion within dark environments with an auto shut-off period of 30 seconds. Switch it to ON to enable the auto shut-off to be overridden to use wherever extra light is required.
  • Safety Certifications: Lumenology motion light is RoHS Compliant, IP43’ Water Resistant, and Tested in compliance with FCC Standards Part 15.

Lumenology Advantages

  • You can use it anywhere, Lumenology can be installed in the closet to provide extra-lighting; car hood to light up the space; installed outside your garden; and to illuminate a passageway.
  • Lumenology is easy to install, it has an inbuilt metal base or magnet that makes it easy to be mounted on a flat or metal surface respectively.
  • It provides perfect illumination without glare; it comes with a high-illuminance WHITE LED bulb that provides perfect brightness without glare and allows you to see clearly without hurting your eyes.
  • Suitable for tough weather conditions, it is IP43 water-resistant and can withstand certain tough weather conditions. This makes it suitable for outdoor use.


  • Limited Stock Available, Lumenology is only available online. This makes it run out of stock easily.

How to use Lumenology?

  1. Step 1

    Move the Mode Switch to where you prefer (AUTO / ON / OFF) to commence Lumenology.

  2. Step 2

    Automatic Mode: The unit remains on standby and is only illuminated when dark settings is activated to detect motion within a range 13ft. The Light remains illuminated for about 30-seconds until another motion is detected.
    – OFF: It is not activated at the point.
    – ON: It remains illuminated until the Mode Switch is shifted to OFF or AUTO.

The Best Portable Led On The Market

Why buy Lumenology?

  • Long battery life. When used in motion detection mode, it can last for a year on a single charge
  • 100% hands-free with motion detection capability. It switches ON and OFF with no click of a button. Its motion sensor detects your movement and turns ON the light. The light turns OFF when there is no motion after several minutes.
  • Provides additional security. Lumenology may be used as part of a security system. It can detect your movement at most 13feet away. When installed outside, it can detect intruders.

Does Lumenology work, or is it a scam?

Lumenology is not a scam. It works very well. It uses MotionSense technology to detect motion and automatically turn ON. Lumenology is quality-assured and has a 30-day refund policy of you have any reason to return it. Order for yours now!

The Best Portable Led On The Market

How much do the lumenology Cost?

Click here to get the best price available online for Lumenology.


  1. How should Lumenology be set up?

    Click on the link for user manual to set it up.

  2. Is Lumenology good enough to function as a standard wired light?

    Yes, it is.

  3. What battery type does Lumenology require?

    Required 3X AA Alkaline Batteries.

  4. What are the dimensions of Lumenology and its tripod legs?

    Check the user manual for more details.

  5. Can Lumenology work in all temperature conditions?

    Lumenology can work in tough weather conditions.

  6. Is it appropriate to use Lumenology inside a car?

    It can be used in the hood of a car.

  7. How long does it take to receive Lumenology?

    This depends on your location and shipping method.

  8. Is Lumenology protected by a refund policy?

    Lumenology has a 30-day refund policy.

User Reviews

“Very flexible motion detection light. I installed it in a dark storage area in the house, for the dog and in the parking area. Great using it with free standing tripod.”

Gabriel H, Canada

“I have been using this for six months and haven’t change the batteries. If you have a spot where light is needed and there is no electrical outlet, this is the best product for you”.

Fergie F, California

“Just What I Needed. To illuminate the back steps and I didn’t need an electrician to install wiring and spotlights. Took two minutes to install this and adjust where I wanted the beam to go. Does the job!”. 

Morgan H, Alabama


The Best Portable Led On The Market
10 Total Score

The Best Portable Led On The Market

Value for money
Ease to use
  • Portable Security Led Motion Light
  • MotionSense Technology
  • Safety Certifications
  • Flexible Tripod
  • Limited Stock Available
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