Is Electric Pulse Neck Massager Safe? | Review & Instructions

What is Electric NeckMassager?

Neck Massager is an electronic device that reduces the pain and stiffness of muscle by using electromagnetic rays.  It somehow looks like a microphone headset but quite functional to massage your cervical tissues for stress relief.

Indeed, A relaxed body can sleep well, and that prepares you for the struggle of the following upcoming working day.  Pain and stress can’t be eliminated from each other; pain triggers stress, which reduces your ability to perform efficiently in your area of expertise.

Stiff neck and strain muscles can take your happiness away. NeckMassager can bring a smile to your face by relaxing your strained body muscles after a long and hectic day.

Main Features of Neck Massager

  • Reduce Stiffness. NeckMassager helps to rebuild body strength by relaxing strained muscles. It can help massage any part of your body through sticking pads provided to attach to the primary device.
  • Compact. Easy to carry, keep in your bag, take it to the office, or long trips where long drives can stiff your neck, it will help you get a refreshing break.
  • Fashionable design. Having a stylish body, you can carry along this product anywhere with you. Smart and decent with a durable plastic body, not get damaged easily with minor accidents.
  • Energy Efficient. 2 AAA batteries can work seamlessly to provide you with a relaxing massage for up to 6 hours.
  • Adjustable style. It has 6 different modes to adjust according to the individual need of the user. It has an ergonomic body with 16 levels of intensity, and you can quickly settle it according to your required mode.

Electric Pulse Neck Massager: Advantages

  • Massage specific areas, a neck massage has the main job of relaxing the vertical spine to have relief from stress pain. It gives you the chance to massage the targeted area of your body.
  • Use anywhere, NeckMassager gives you the freedom to use it at your convenient time, probably after a stressful day in the office you need it badly.
  • A reliable companion, assembling of this massager is relatively more superficial, along with 2 AAA batteries power that can keep it going for many hours. Whether you are in a hotel room for a business trip or enjoying long travel with family, NeckMassager will be your ally along the way.
  • Efficient, a single session is more than enough to relieve your muscle pain or stiffness. Reducing stress is vital to have a brilliant performance at the job; NeckMassager improves your moods as you feel, releasing tension and getting rid of tiredness.
  • Perfect for chronic pains, although it doesn’t have any killing pain, it is the best remedy to take a slight relief from ligament or muscle fatigue. It works wonders for you if you have chronic pains due to continuous tiredness or other medical issues.
  • Helps you accomplish more, if you have to make an extra effort for gripping or lifting objects, you might need this device right away. Taking relief from muscle stiffness can help you to increase the flexibility of your joints and ligaments. Researches have validated that electromagnetic rays are a proven technique to reduce muscle immobility and frozen shoulders.


  • Can’t be like humans, electric devices can’t replace human massaging skills; sometimes, they can’t approach your targeted body zone.
  • Lacks that sensation, does not give you that unique massage sensation.

How NeckMassager works

  1. Step 1

    Insert the device’s battery to get started.

  2. Step 2

    Wrap the electric pulse neck massager around your neck. You can also connect the electro pads to any part of your body that needs a massage.

  3. Step 3

    Switch the device to on.

  4. Step 4

    Adjust the intensity of the vibration by choosing any of the available modes.

  5. Step 5

    Use a hot wet towel during neck massage to get better results. The towel's warmth will specifically reduce the stiffness, and the different therapeutic effects of the massager will stimulate the nerve cells.

  6. Step 6

    You can turn off the device when you are done with the massage.

The Ultimate Solution To Chronic Neck Pain

Why Electric Pulse Neck Massager

  • It is convenient. Electric Pulse brings you the convenience to use at your most suitable time. You don’t need to go somewhere; a portable device helps your peace of mind as you easily carry along.
  • You can adjust the settings easily. When you use it for the first time, you need to be vigilant, and other things go very well. Two round buttons give you the ease to settle the intensity and working mode. Picture illustrations are provided to make a selection. Rays intensity is in your control with the button. Choose your required level of intensity.
  • Ensure custom settings. It has built-in magnets, and the adjustable size can settle well on your cervical area. While having a 100-60 degrees angle after wearing, you can fit into it according to your comfort level. Streamline design can cover your cervical area with robust coverage of electric rays.
  • Change intensity as you want. You may find the DC5V charging interface underneath the main panel. Two red buttons on the side indicate strengthening and weakening keys. Two round buttons are used to settle the heating levels. These distinctive features make this product functional for people suffering from continuous neck strains.

Does electric NeckMassager work, or is it a scam?

It is functional to take away your stress and pain in a few minutes, targeted therapy on selected acupoints to take the stress away from you. Taking painkillers to get rid of pain will not be a safe option in the long run; why not go for a safer method?

Electro Frequency Stimulation Therapy (EFSMT) is getting famous worldwide for relieving inflamed or sore muscles. It works wonders to relieve muscle spasms, nerve pain, and you start feeling much better after taking a session. Releasing endorphins is mandatory to take you out of the stress taken on your nerves after a super busy working schedule.

It doesn’t sound logical to expect a person to give you a quality message as you get relief from the daily grind of work. Electric pulse massager sill available to you, whenever you feel like using it, just put batteries on and gets started.

Medical science has shown pretty much progress in adopting massage and acupuncture techniques for pain management. Suffering your stomach and liver through frequent use of pain killers will not do any good for your body. Their sedative effect can bring temporary relief to your aching muscles, and you can1t avoid the long list of their probable side effects.

It’s normal to feel skeptical about making a new purchase; still, if you want to know more NeckMassger, you can get more valuable information below, read and decide?

The Ultimate Solution To Chronic Neck Pain

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The Ultimate Solution To Chronic Neck Pain


This appears to be a simple box-like device. Open the cap and connect with your car’s OPD port. The device has a weight of only 0.96 ounces and 1.8 x 0.8 x 1.6 inches, ensuring an easy and compact diagnostic experience. The light weighted body makes it different from the other devices available in the market. It is has a user-friendly interface to connect through blue tooth with android and IOS devices. 

The Ultimate Solution To Chronic Neck Pain

Are electric pulse neck massager safe?

Electric pulse NeckMassager is completely safe for use. The electromagnetic radiations are harmless and only meant to stimulate weak and tight muscles where applicable. So far, there is no report of it causing any negative effects.


  1. Can I buy one device for the whole family?

    Yes, the streamlined design makes this device adjustable for various sizes, so all family members can use it when required.

  2. Is Electric Pulse NeckMassager a scam, or does it works?

    Not at all; our team of medical experts fined it quite a suitable device for the patients. Electric Pulse NeckMassager benefits you by keeping stress away from your life.

  3. Is it a cost-benefit purchase?

    You can save the bulk of money by paying to saloon and spas for relaxing massages.

Neck Massager Review from Real Users

During past years I suffered a lot from chronic neck pain. Luckily, one day I came across these product reviews in a random web search. I was just shocked to read the functions of this instant NeckMassager. I ordered it right away and got my pack in few days. I am feeling blessed now. Finally, I got relief from this backache after many years of pain.


I being the computer studies students, have to spend more than 10 hours per day on the computer. That was hell tiring for me. This tough-working routine makes my muscles stiff. Once my mother came to visit me, she brings me this magical device. My life changed with this. I learned to feel easy after stressful working hours. I am highly thankful to the manufacturers.

Ashok Jordan

I really like the fact that you can use this device anywhere. Sometimes, I have to use it in the office after a very stressful day to relax my neck, arm, and leg muscles.

Marie Peace


The Ultimate Solution To Chronic Neck Pain
9 Total Score

Many customers recommend electric Pulse Neck Massager due to special features for getting relief from muscle strains.

Value for money
Ease to use
  • Massage specific areas
  • Use anywhere
  • A reliable companion
  • Efficient
  • Perfect for chronic pains
  • Helps you accomplish more
  • Can't be like humans
  • Lacks that sensation
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