NicoBloc Review

If you wish to quit smoking, reduce the way you smoke or make attempts to feel better, NicoBloc is here to help. Start blocking nicotine tar today using Nico nicotine. This NicoBloc review will explain to you all you need to know about NicoBloc cigarettes; including their main features, advantages, how to use them, why you should buy NicoBloc, and others.

What is NicoBloc?

It is designed to reduce harm and helps you attain satisfaction by reducing your daily intake and the number of carcinogens entering your body, which allows you smoke without having fear, making you feel better as such. NicoBloc exists as a liquid formula that you apply to your cigarette filter directly before you start smoking.

The Nico nicotine liquid blocks nicotine & tar and prevents the tar & nicotine from penetrating your lungs. Wahoo! This is great! Keep reading this NicoBloc review to know more about NicoBloc’s main features and its advantages.

Main Features of NicoBloc

The main features of nicobloc are:

  • Nicotine Fading: NicoBloc reduces your craving for nicotine
  • Cigarette Tapering: It reduces the number of cigarettes you smoke
  • Minimizes Withdrawal Symptoms: Using NicoBloc causes little or zero withdrawal symptoms
  • Target Setting: The use of NicoBloc enable you to calculate your targets or record results for quoting smoking
  • Behavior Modification: It helps you to gradually change your smoking habits
  • Enhanced Well-being: Using NicoBloc gives you more energy and makes you to be out of breath for shorter periods.

NicoBloc Advantages 

  • Natural and Drug-Free, NicoBloc liquid is safe with no added toxic chemicals, unlike popular nicotine replacement therapies that contain certain toxic chemicals.
  • Practically No Withdrawal Symptoms, With NicoBloc quitting smoking eliminates virtually the stress and discomfort that comes with it, as it gradually minimizes your exposure to nicotine.
  • Doctor recommended and clinically proven, NicoBloc is clinically recommended by behavioral therapists and doctors that specialize in drug addiction. 
  • Quit Smoking While Pregnant, NicoBloc has been proven to be an effective and completely safe method to quit smoking while you are pregnant.
  • Quality Assured, Great quality with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Limited Supply, FlipFork supply is limited and this runs out of stock easily.

How to make use of NicoBloc?

  1. Step 1

    Apply the NicoBloc to filter before smoking.

  2. Step 2

    Make a tiny indention within the filter using the bottle’s tip. Apply a single drop. When you put two or may be three drops on, increase the indent a little and go over the process again.

  3. Step 3

    Cover the whole tip of the filter gently, moving it around with the tip of the bottle.

  4. Step 4

    Have the filter squeezed a couple of times so the filter can absorb all the fluid.

The Best Smoke Quitting Aid On The Market

Why buy NicoBloc:

There are quite a few unique reasons why NicoBloc is being used for effective pain management instead of medications. 

  • Prevent painful withdrawal symptoms. NicoBloc smoking gradually cuts down the nicotine & tar in the cigarette smoke you inhale. This allows your body adjust to less amount of nicotine intake. 
  • Quit smoking filters for cigarettes on your terms slowly. You can start your quitting program with NicoBloc by setting a timeline for yourself.

Does NicoBloc really work, or is it a scam?

NicoBloc is not a scam. It works work. The NicoBloc ingredients block nicotine & tar and prevent them from penetrating your lungs. Instead of going cold turkey, these nicotine-blocking gummies allow you to keep on smoking but reduce your intake of nicotine, thereby making it easy for you to quit smoking when you want to. NicoBloc is precisely what you need to quit smoking! Click on this Nicobloc where to buy link and order for yours now! We offer the best NicoBloc cost you can get online.

The Best Smoke Quitting Aid On The Market

How much do the NicoBloc Cost?

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  1. Is Nicobloc approved or patented?

    NicoBloc is patented and clinically approved.

  2. NicoBloc? (How long can I use a packet of NicoBloc?)

    By approximation, one NicoBloc bottle will last the average smoker (20 cigarettes per day) about 14 days.

  3. What’s in NicoBloc?

    NicoBloc contains Corn Syrup, Water, Citric Acid, coloring, and preservatives.

  4. Will using NicoBloc make smoking cigarettes safe?

    Yes, it does. 

  5. What make up the normal nicotine symptoms during withdrawal?

    NicoBloc helps to manage these symptoms: lethargy, nausea, dizziness, aching joints, headaches, queasiness, constipation, sleeping problems, short temper, stomach cramps, and food craving. 

  6. Does NicoBloc eliminate withdrawal symptoms completely?

    NicoBloc causes little or zero withdrawal symptoms.

  7. How quickly can I stop smoking with the help of NicoBloc?

    At least 6 weeks.

  8. Can I use NicoBloc on 20 cigarettes at the same time?

    NicoBloc normally remains active for like 15mins when applied, drying out afterward and making the cigarette smoking difficult.

  9. How successful is NicoBloc?

    Smokers in their hundreds have demonstrated it to be effective, with almost a sixty percent cessation rate.

  10. Is NicoBloc tasteless?

    NicoBloc comes with a slightly sweet taste but doesn’t change the cigarette’ taste.

  11. Is NicoBloc habit forming?


  12. Will NicoBloc make me gain weight?

    NicoBloc improves your health and well-being.

  13. Will NicoBloc stop the weight gain?

    The causes of weight gain after quitting smoking may include: slower metabolism, increased hunger and doing a little exercise.

  14. Is it safe for expecting/pregnant mothers to make use of NicoBloc?

    Yes it is okay for expecting/pregnant mothers.

  15. Is it okay to increase your vitamins intake as you wean off cigarettes?

    Contact a health expert.

  16. What ingredients are inside NicoBloc?

    NicoBloc is a mixture of Water, a Sugar Compound, and Citric Acid.

  17. How is it better than other methods used to stop smoking?

    It is effective and has no side effects.

  18. Does Nicobloc have side effects?


  19. How much time before I get my NicoBloc order?

    The orders are usually shipped within one or two business days.

User Reviews

“Awesome! Different quit smoking techniques than others. Simple, but genius! Really works!”

Victor R, Canada

“Highly Recommend! Started with one drop, then worked up to 2 and then 3 drops. Lasts forever”.

George F, California

“Oh My Goodness, it works! I have cut my smoking in half. I did feel some withdrawals, but so worth it!”. 

John Z, Alabama


The Best Smoke Quitting Aid On The Market
10 Total Score

The Best Smoke Quitting Aid On The Market

Value for money
Ease to use
  • Minimizes Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Behavior Modification
  • Enhanced Well-being
  • Cigarette Tapering
  • Resistant to heat
  • Limited Stock Available
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