Phone Cooler Reviews: The Best Phone Cooling System 2022

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This Phone Cooler review is the most genuine and candid review you can find online for phone cooler. In this review, you will be presented with a clear view and understanding of phone cooler-the best mobile cooling fan-before buying it, its main features, advantages and disadvantages, why you should buy it, its best price, FAQs about this best cellphone cooler, and all you didn’t know before.

Let’s start with what Phone Cooler is and subsequently its main features, advantages, disadvantages, and others.

What is Phone Cooler?


Phone Cooler is a peripheral mainly designed to keep your smartphone as cold as ice when it should usually be warm. It uses the technology behind heat sink. Phone Cooler operates more like the computer radiator fan places over a processor. It is made up of heat conducting materials (heat sink) with fins that removes heat from your smartphone into the heat sink. The fins radiates the heat which is dissipated through a fan.

Phone Cooler is very useful when using your smartphones or tablets to play games or watch videos, and it supports all Android or iPhone smartphones.

Main Features of Phone Cooler

Are you curious about phone cooler already? I guess you are! Read this section carefully to know more about its features.

  • One Size Fits All: It comes with an adjustable bracket that fits all tablets and smartphones.
  • Energy-Saving: It is so energy efficient that it can be used for extended period. Thanks to its minimal power consumption design.
  • Portable: Lightweight and convenient enough to be used anywhere and easily
  • Effectiveness: It ensures the entire phone becomes cool, and not just a section.
  • Highly Efficient: Helps to reduce battery and processor temperature by a whopping 40%. Quite perfect for extremely high temperature conditions.
  • Anti-shock: Designed with anti-shock features, resistant to any kind of fall, and keeps the smartphone fully protected since it is wrapped around it.
  • Zero or Low Noise Level: It is built to operate silently. It does not interfere with the phone when it is in use. The fan does not produce any sound.
  • Instant Cooling: Can reduce the phone temperature by 10°C
  • Adaptability: You can equally use it to cool other devices when they are being charged.

Phone Cooler Advantages

  • Immediate cooling, you can be sure of having your smartphone’s temperature reduced drastically with this product.
  • Multi-purpose, it is not limited to the kind of smartphones it can handle. As a matter of fact, every tablet and smartphone can fit into it.
  • Long lasting performance, long working hours due to low power consumption.
  • Heat efficient, It does not become hot itself
  • Increases phone lifespan, it allows you to use your smartphone for longer periods, rewarding them with a longer lifespan.
  • Lightweight, it is light enough for you to carry around with you to anywhere you are going.
  • Cooling efficiency, the cooling effect is distributed to every part of your smartphone.


  • Limited stock available, There appears to be a limited number of phone cooler in stock.
  • Not available in physical stores, You can only purchase it through online platforms. That shouldn’t be a problem if you are accustomed to the online market system.

How To Use Phone Cooler?

how to use phone cooler

Phone Cooler is user-friendly. Follow these steps to use the best mobile cooling fan.

  1. Step 1

    Attach your smartphone to Phone Cooler

  2. Step 2

    Turn ON Phone Cooler by pressing the ON button

  3. Step 3

    Remove Phone Cooler after use.

Phone Cooler
The Best Phone Cooler On The Market

Why Buy Phone Cooler?

These are the reasons why Phone Cooler has received numerous excellent reviews. Check it out!

  • Cools faster with low noise. With Phone Cooler the temperature of your phone is reduced instantly and there is no disturbing sound.
  • Available in various sizes for different devices. Phone Cooler is suitable for all phones sizes. It has a retractable clip behind it that can extend from 67mm to 88 m in diameter.
  • It has a wide range of application. Phone Cooler has can be used by vloggers, gamers, and others.

Phone Cooler, Does It Work?

Phone cooler is not some kind of fancy item you attach to your smartphone. Although it is designed to add more beauty to your smartphone or tablet, its main function is to cool the phone anytime it is in use. When you strap the phone cooler around a working smartphone for a period of 10 seconds, you instantly notice a drop in the phone’s temperature. The longer you use it, the faster the temperature drops. It can reduce the temperature by 40°C. Thanks to our phone cooler review, we were able to establish that it works.

Phone Cooler
The Best Phone Cooler On The Market

Technical Specifications of Phone Cooler

  • Main Material: PC and Aluminum alloy
  • Interface Type: USB
  • Applicable Products: All mobile phones
  • Product Weight: 120g
  • Cooling effect: Rapid

How To Maintain Your Phone To Be Cool

  • Keep your phone in a cool place: Your Phone gets hotter quicker when you keep the phone in a hot environment. Keep it under a shade away from the surrounding heat. Not in a freezer. Your phone could be damaged by cold temperature.
  • Update your phone apps or remove apps you don’t use any longer: Your Phone apps still runs in its background even if you are not using them. This takes additional processing power and can make your phone hit. Remove these programs if they are no longer useful. Also, upgrade your apps as new apps performs better.?
  • Reduce the frequency you take photos or play games: Playing of games with your phone, taking of photos especially with high resolution cameras takes much processing power and this makes your phone to heat up quickly. Reduce the frequency of these activities to prevent your phone from overheating always thereby draining your battery and reducing the performance of the processor.
Phone Cooler
The Best Phone Cooler On The Market


  1. Can the phone cooler work for a 5 inch smartphone?

    Absolutely! It is designed with an adjustable grip. You just need to adjust the grip until it fits with the phone perfectly.

  2. How long does it last?

    We are not clear on exactly how long it can last. But we are aware that it can cool your smartphone for a long time. It only consumes about 15W when working. That makes it a low-power consumption device.

  3. Is it possible to get the black color of it?

    They are normally designed in different colors because of how phone colors differ. Though your only challenge might be the limited stock.

  4. Will the phone cooler sound interfere with my calls?

    No it doesn’t! It works noiselessly, and does not produce any sound that can disturb you.

  5. What is the cost of the Phone cooler?

    The cost should be the last thing on your mind. Click on the link in the phone cooler review and you will be glad you did.

  6. Why do celular phones have cooling fans?

    Cellular phones have no cooling fans unlike PCs. Hence you need a Phone Cooler. Get one now.

  7. How do phone Cooler cooling fans opérate?

    The cooling fan cool down the phone and prevents it from overheating. This prolongs the lifespan of the battery.

  8. Why does the iphone possess a cooling fan?

    iPhone has no cooling fans, hence no cooling fans to cool the CPU.

  9. Why does your phone get hot?

    Your Phone gets hot as a result of opening too many apps, from being overused, exposing it to sunlight, malfunctioning apps, or malware causing the phone’s COU to overheat.

Phone Cooler Review From Real Users

I can use my phone for a long time while watching videos without my phone getting hit. Phone Cooler was made for me. Thanks!

George H

Instantly, the temperature of my iPhone 13 dropped. I play games a lot. This is great!

Vincent F

I use phone Cooler for several of my devices. It goes with anywhere I go. This is cost-effective for me and has prolonged my battery life. I spent of my time on social media. Great device!

Frank T

Phone Cooler

The Best Phone Cooler On The Market
9.5 Total Score
Phone Cooler

The Best Phone Cooler On The Market

Value for money
Ease to use
  • Reduce battery and processor temperature
  • Elegantly designed
  • It exist in different colors
  • Designed with anti-shock features
  • Limited number of phone cooler in stock
User Rating: No Ratings Yet!

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