Q-Twist: Ear Wax Removal Review: is it Safe or a Scam?

If you want to know more about Q Twist, you have found the best place. Here you can read a complete and honest review of the product that everybody is talking about, but, is it just a scam? Let’s find out!

Q Twist
The easiest and safest way to clear your ears

What is Q Twist?

Q Twist is a medical tool that can be easily used to clean ear wax with twisted flexible tips. The main body is made of medical-grade stainless steel and heads are made of silicon (this pack includes a pen-shaped tool along with 16 head tips).  You can choose the head size that best suits your ear canal. Flexible tips are super easy to insert and move in the narrow path of the ear opening.

Cotton buds always come with a warning to avoid them using the inside ear as they can push wax deeper around-ear bone instead of removing it. But still, people try them and mostly face horrible consequences. A medical tool like Q Twist can help to get rid of excess wax smoothly and completely painless.

Main Features of Q Twist

  • 100% safe: You need warm water and a Q Twist tool to clean ear wax. No need for any chemical substance, the spiral-shaped flexible head performs the job well. It doesn’t have any sharp pointy tip to cause damage to your ear.
  • Environment Friendly: Q Twist prove worthy as you can re-use them again and again. Heaps of cotton buds in the trash will only add pollution to your surroundings. It is a worthy choice for people who believe in eco-friendliness.
  • Medically Approved: This tool is suggested by medical experts for ear was removal. Q Twist or sharps pins are strictly prohibited by audiologists better to choose a safer option.
  • Affordable: Going to the doctor to clean your ears will cost you much. Better to purchase Q Twist once to avoid the unnecessary cost of visiting doctors. Silicone heads are reusable with a proper wash.
  • Portable: A brief rather valuable tool, you can carry along during travels. The plastic case can keep store all the heads and tools safely to resist any damage.

Q Twist Advantages

  • Non-chemical mechanism. It is 100% safe for your children and older family members with zero health risk. No hazardous chemical composition or possible side effects. A very simple and direct method to clean massy build-up of wax.
  • Easy to carry. Durable and compact, easy to carry along during long trips.
  • Child safe. Can be used on children, best to keep their ears debris-free. A clean ear will ensure the sound health of your tiny one.
  • Reusable. You can use it several times and always get the same results. You can have peace of mind for many upcoming months from visiting a doctor just for wax removal.
  • Handy. No worries about taking appointments for ear cleaning. Pick up the Q Twist, fix the head, and clean your ear. Of course, it is a time and money-saving method, use it while reading a book or talking with family.


  • Buy online. You can only buy Q Twist online, it isn’t available in stores yet. This means that you will have to wait until it is delivered to you. If you need it urgently, this might take too long.
  • Makes annoying noise that can scare babies. You probably buy Q Twist so you don’t damage your children’s ear, but its sound can make them afraid so they won’t want to use it anymore or won’t be calm enough to do the job properly.
  • Can be tricky. If you are used to the regular cotton swabs, this might be a little bit tricky at first. It isn’t as simple as the conventional tools, so you can find it difficult the first times.

How to use Q Twist?

Q-Twist is the safest way to clean your ears, but also the easiest way to do it. Just follow these simple steps to remove ear wax like never before:

  1. Step 1

    Choose the silicone head that best adapts to your ear and attach it to the tool.

  2. Step 2

    Insert Q-Twist in your ear. You will realize how soft and comfortable is the tip. It has the perfect size not to push too deep, so you won’t never hurt yourself.

  3. Step 3

    Twist Q-Twist slowly and avoid exerting too much force. Then, rotate the device in circular motions for a few seconds.

  4. Step 4

    Take Q-Twist out of the ear and wash it with soapy water. Proper cleaning guarantees longer lifetime.

Q Twist
The easiest and safest way to clear your ears

Why you need to buy Q Twist?

  • Avoids infections and diseases. Your lifestyle or hobbies may determine your hygiene requirements. Swimmers need to clean their ears after a swimming session to prevent infections. While adventurers who spend time outdoors can reduce their risk of getting tinnitus by using Q-Twist. Having deep cleaning can keep you in good hygiene for controlling diseases.
  • Reliable and safe. Q Twist is quite effective to remove wax. It doesn’t only remove wax, but also cleans stuck bacteria on the ear canals. You can’t expect these kinds of results from other products on the market.
  • Experts’ favorite choice. The natural process of wax production must not be interrupted by using tricky ways to clean ears. Practice good hygiene habits by adopting the use of the medically approved tool.

Does Q Twist works for cleaning wax, or is it a scam?

We got several reviews about this product being worthy for many people. Remember, earwax is naturally produced by the human body, if you do not clean it timely; it will start dripping from the ear canal. When you feel itchy or heavy inside the ear, it is the sign for cleaning. Once or twice a week is enough to clean excess debris stuck with the wax.

People now fed-up with older cleaning methods, as they were not working well. Cotton buds are just making more mass, besides you will have a threat of breaking it inside the ear passage.

Sounds scary?  Q Twist have changes the way people think about was cleaning at home. If you have some hearing problem, you need more frequent clean-up. Clogged-up debris with dry wax can make your problem worse. Q Twist is suggested by medical experts for such people, anyone can use it but ENT patients have special needs for this tool. Many users are saying great things about Q Twist so vital to give it a try, taking advantage of the special 50% discount offer from our blog.

Q Twist
The easiest and safest way to clear your ears

Technical Specifications of Q Twist Ear Wax Remover

  • Free shipping available for limited stock
  • Material: Silicon. This material is completely secure and the most hygienic option for you
  • The brand offers 50% off for only a short time
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
Q Twist
The easiest and safest way to clear your ears

Who needs to Buy Q Twist Ear Cleaner?

We all have wax in our ears and if we don’t make a good cleaning, it can cause excessive wax, what can result in blockage in the ear. However, the use of cotton swabs or any other sharp tool can push the wax deeper and harm your tissues. The ear is one of the most delicate and sensitive parts of our body, don’t risk yourself and make safe decisions. To sum up, the answer to the question is: anyone needs to buy Q-Twist.

Why is Q-Twist much better than others devices?

Unlike other methods, Q-Twist is approved by healthcare professionals, who have even conconfessed to use this tool for themselves.


  1. Can I buy one for the whole family?

    Yes, one is fine for all family members. Use separate heads for every person, keep them nicely clean to get good results.

  2. How Many times should I use Q Twist?

    If you don`t have any special medical condition, twice a week is enough otherwise consult a doctor for further advice. People with ENT problems need frequent cleaning sessions so must consider it.

  3. Does Q Twist work?

    Yes, it works perfectly to clean wax from your ear, infect, it works far better than other available methods.

Final Veredict

People talking frequently about this valuable product as it proves worth buying. As soon as you get one you can get rid of other risky methods of cleaning ear wax. You should take risks by damaging your eardrum with using pointy objects, take care and use Q Twist.

Especially, swimmers, hikers, and campers must need this in their luggage to perform frequent cleaning. This is valuable for every age group, take advantage of our special discounted packages otherwise, it will be too late. Book now for your family and surprise your loved ones with this great deal.  

Q Twist Reviews

I’ve always had problems with ear wax plugs and used to go to the doctor every so often, it was excruciating not being able to hear anything. Since I use Q-Twist, I don’t have to spend more money on medical visits and I hear better than ever. Wish I had discovered it sooner

John S.

I’m so pleased with this. My ears always feel emptier right away, it is such a relief. Totally recommend it

Precious C

I though it would be painful at first as I used to hurt myself every time I cleaned my ears with cotton swabs, but this earwax cleaner has nothing to do with them! It’s so comfortable to use!

Robert N.

My whole family is using Q-Twist. We all use the same tool but with our individual tip, it’s very handy and the most environment friendly option.

Janet F

Q Twist

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Q Twist

If you have been cleaning your ears with traditional cotton swabs you can be in dangerous! Meet Q Twist, the easiest and safest way to clear your ears.

Value for money
Ease to use
  • Non-chemical
  • Easy to carry
  • Safe
  • Reusable
  • Handy
  • Only available online
  • Annoying noise
  • Can be tricky
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