Range XTD Wifi Booster Review: Router Range Extender Work?

If you clicked on this article by reading its title, then you have come to the right place to know about RangeXTD. We know why you came here because you are either irritated from facing the dead zones in your house or having a weak signal problem.

In today’s era of technology, almost everyone has an internet connection. Generally, when people stay at their homes, rest in their rooms, or chill their sofas, they enjoy the wireless connectivity of the internet, known as Wi-Fi. But did you ever think about what benefits you will get when you use Range XTD? If the answer is no, let’s begin with our first heading that Range XTD is about.

What is RangeXTD?

rangextd wifi extender

Range XTD is a device that boosts the signal strength of the Wi-Fi and extends its availability to the dead zones.

Generally, when you select to install Wi-Fi at your home, the respective company sets it where the best signal strength is available. But that is not the case every time. The other rooms in the house may be receiving weak signals instead of the rooms closer to the Wi-Fi source.

To put a stop to such problems, we recommend you choose Range XTD. Range XTD is also famous as the best Wi-Fi extender in the world due to its outstanding features. Now, it’s to provide our audience an insight into Range XTD features.

Main Features of RangeXTD

  • Portability: The design of Range XTD is lightweight. Overall, it is a portable product that you can easily carry in your bag or purse. Unlike other bulkier Wi-Fi extenders, Range XTD is compact in shape and size.
  • Internal Antennas: Usually, such a device as a Wi-Fi extender does not come with the feature of internal or built-in antennas. That is why their external antennas occupy useless space, and sometimes, things might get tripped over them. On the other hand, such scenarios do not occur with Range XTD.
  • Compatibility: The Range XTD is famous for its compatibility. It is fair to say that it is a universal device that connects with any platform like Android, PS4, PS5, Xbox, and gaming consoles.
  • Unlimited Number of Connections: No matter how many devices you want to connect with Range XTD, you can pair up any device in a matter of minutes.
  • LED Indicators: Besides fulfilling the fundamental purpose of strengthening and extending the Wi-Fi signals, Range XTD also has LED lights that tell about the signal strength.

Advantages of RangeXTD

  • It is lightweight and compact.
  • It provides easy access to the internet.
  • It has internal antennas, which are space-saving.
  • Range XTD is portable.
  • It has different modes which allow Range XTD to work both as an access point and a router.
  • It strengthens the Wi-Fi signals and extends them to the dead zones.
  • It is highly compatible.


  • Range XTD lacks security.
  • In large houses, the efficiency of Range XTD gets affected.
  • The installation process or setting up Range XTD is not as easy as it is often told.
  • The overall build quality of Range XTD is average.

How To Use RangeXTD?

rangextd how to use

The procedure of installing, setting, and using RangeXTD is not as complicated as it seems. We have given all the steps you can follow to use RangeXTD without getting into an issue.

  1. Step 1

    Get the device out of the box and check the box to make sure that you have received the right package. Open the booklet as it helps a lot while installing RangeXTD.

  2. Step 2

    Now, find a plug at the back of the RangeXTD.

  3. Step 3

    Put the plugin in the socket and wait for the lights of RangeXTD to turn on.

  4. Step 4

    Now press the button located at the front of RangeXTD.

  5. Step 5

    For setting up RangeXTD, choose Ethernet ports because it supports WAN and LAN for networking.

  6. Step 6

    After choosing Ethernet, wait until the RangeXTD shows you the signals’ strength. The light in front of the device will help you to know about the signal strength. If there are three bars of light, then it means your internet signals are strong.

  7. Step 7

    Finally, with the help of the setup wizard, connect devices with your RangeXTD and put a Wi-Fi password to enjoy the internet at any corner of your home.

The best wireless router on the market

Why Buy a RangeXTD Wi-Fi Extender?

rangextd wifi extender device

If you are facing several internet issues, you should buy a RangeXTD as it will help you to a greater extent in a short time. Such issues include:

  • Bad/Weak Internet Signals
  • Dead Zones

Also, you can buy RangeXTD to avoid any unwanted situation, for example, while uploading an assignment, submitting an official report, or sending proposals to the clients.

Where to Buy RangeXTD?

The only place where we would recommend you to buy RangeXTD Wi-Fi Extender, from their official website. All you need to do is place your order just like you place it on an ecommerce store and wait for your device to come to your doorstep.

The best wireless router on the market

Where to Use RangeXTD for The Best Results?

rangextd review

Generally, it depends upon the structure of a house and the location where the Wi-Fi connection is installed. You can install or use RangeXTD anywhere in your home or the place where you consider it the best. We would recommend you to use the RangeXTD Wi-Fi Extender in the hallway. If a home has a second floor, then use RangeXTD in the stairway.

RangeXTD Wi-Fi Extender – Technical Specifications

  • Two internal antennas
  • Data transfer speed up to 300mbps
  • One 180-degree rotating antenna
  • LED indicators
  • Unlimited connection
  • UI setup wizard
  • Supports WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption
  • 1 LAN port and 1 WAN/LAN port
  • Single-push WPS button
The best wireless router on the market


  1. Is RangeXTD a Scam?

    RangeXTD is not a scam at all. If you face some challenges while using Range XTD, there must be some problems during the installation. Reinstall the device correctly and enjoy excellent surfing.

  2. Is there any money-back guarantee of RangeXTD?

    Yes, that is true. The manufacturers of Range XTD offer a 30-day money-back guarantee that you can avail of. The guarantee starts from the estimated delivery time, and once the 30 days get completed, there will be no guarantee after that.

  3. Is RangeXTD chargeable?

    Range XTD Wi-Fi Extender is not chargeable. The device has a plug like any other regular electric object in a house. It consumes standard volts.

  4. Is RangeXTD compatible?

    Yes, there is no doubt about the compatibility of Range XTD. You can connect any device or any console with it in a matter of seconds.

RangeXTD Review from Real Users

The difference was quite major when I used Range XTD. Before purchasing it my condition was similar to a person without the internet.


Installation was a bit tricky but overall it has boosted the performance of my internet connection. Now, I can easily do my university assignments.


I am not a tech geek due to which I found it hard to install and set up Range XTD. However, I am satisfied because my objective was to get a flawless internet connection which I am enjoying.



The best wireless router on the market
9.5 Total Score

The best wireless router on the market

Value for money
Ease to use
  • Portable
  • Internal Antennas
  • Compatibility
  • Unlimited Connections
  • LED Indicator
  • Easy access
  • Highly compatible
  • Lacks security
  • Large house gets affected
  • Installation process isn't easy
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