Safe Grabs Review: Handles Hot Food Safely 2022

safe grabs review

This reading will help you to enhance your knowledge about a valuable product available online. People are now tired of traditional cloth-based potholders. Do you believe any other safe and the non-hurting option is in hand?

Safe Grab is handy to use for several purposes at home.  This discussion will give you a valuable understanding of the material, quality, and usage of the product.  What customers are saying about Safe Grabs will help you to make a wise purchase decision. It seems quite different from traditional potholders; this information will prove valuable if you are a potential buyer.

Silicon-made rounded shape mats don’t only help you in the kitchen but are very useful for use during creative arts.

Safe Grabs have changed the way people were using kitchen holders. Many cooking enthusiasts and professional bakers found it better than other clothing holders. The given information is based on customers’ opinions and experts’ views about Safe Grabs.  

What are Safe Grabs?

A variety of pot holders are available in the market, but the question is that how much safe are they? 

Cloth-made holders can resist heat up to 200-300 degrees; besides this, these grips are not entirely water-resistant. Can be sued as Potholders, Trivets, Jar openers, Dish covers. 

Traditional Pot Holder Vs Safe Grabs

Traditional pot holders are usually made of cloth with foaming material layers. These holders can easily slip away when holding a hot mud or gravy bowl. When you open the microwave oven to take out the hot coffee mug, you can`t access the temperature intensity.  It can be bothersome to burn your fingers; the cloth is not heat resistant, which may harm you. Slippery surfaces of kitchen essentials are also the reason for spilling the liquids out of the pot.

Main Features of Safe Grabs

  • High-Grade Silicon. Made high-quality silicone that can resist heat up to 475degrees, it can be used as a trivet to save your table and counter from heat damage.
  • BPA free. Safe grips are BPA, which doesn’t allow to form any toxic chemicals when place in the microwave oven. Health safety is ensured with chemical-free material used in Safe Grabs.
  • Heat Resistant. These mats can observe heat up-to 475degrees to avoid burns. Ridges based on one side have the magical power to control heat.
  • Multi-Purpose Usage. Not only grabs but also function as jar openers, trivets, counter mats. Safe Grabs are used for various purposes in your kitchen and living room throughout the day.
  • Material. Safe Grabs are made of solid material that helps to control liquids within its surfaces. Safe Grabs work as a modern potholder that can work as a trivet and table mat as well.
  • Usefulness. You can not only avoid spilling on kitchen counters but can use them as protective mats during any activity involved with paints, glue, or other art and craft projects. So Safe Grabs are helpful for various activities involved with liquids. This multipurpose product is taking a great place in the market because it is worth keeping your daily tasks more organized.

Safe Grabs Advantages

  • Shape. It has a round shape which normally looks fine while placed under a pot. The round shape is good enough to use for covering purposes.
  • Soft and Flexible. The rubbery feel of the silicone gives a firm grip during holding.
  • Multi-purpose. It can be a trivet and table mat as well. Heat resistant properties made it functional during various jobs at home.
  • Dish Cover. Customers are using it as a dish cover even inside the oven. A splatter dish cover to save food from harmful microwave rays.
  • BPA Free. Safe for use in microwave, not made of BPA.
  • Easy to wash. Use any dishwasher to clean without any hassle.
  • Cold Resistant. Place in refrigerator, avoid spilling of gravies.
  • Spreading Mat. In creative art and craft activities, it works lifesaving spreading mat.


  • Only Two Colors Option. It is only available in two colors and a round shape.
  • Heat Limit. It can`t resist heat over 500degress.

Does Safe Grabs works, or is it a scam?

safe grab kitchen tool

Users stated about various aspects of this product. Many feel that they started enjoying their cooking with these Safe Grabs. They have helped customers to overcome their fear of messing-up during cooking. It has ensured the protection of hands and home from burning spots. Most of the people have described their lovely feelings they shared after using this product. 

Although they are not manufactured in fancy colors and attractive designs, they have several usages all over your house. If you have decided to purchase Safe Grabs, indeed, they will improve your lifestyle in specific ways.  Getting new ways to enhance your kitchen surrounding helps you be more creative in your cooking. A peaceful kitchen environment with less hurting can boost your confidence to perform better.

Hence, it is not a scam, only a valuable product that helps you in many ways. Take things to a whole new level by learning to adopt latest techniques better to control your kitchen environment better.

Safe Grabs
Protect your hands from hot surfaces

How Safe Grabs works

safe grabs tool

You can use them in multiple ways. It performs well to resist microwave heat. Place one over the glass plate of the oven, and place the dish next. As the word is heated to take out, grab it with the mat placed underneath; you feel happily surprised to feel that heat is not reaching your fingers.

  1. Step 1

    Unpack the product

  2. Step 2

    Read the instruction given on the pack

  3. Step 3

    Ready to use

  4. Step 4

    Take it to the kitchen and start using it

  5. Step 5

    Use a potholder, trivet, and dish cover according to need

  6. Step 6

    Wash after once or twice a day, depending on usage

Safe Grabs
Protect your hands from hot surfaces

Why You Need To Buy Safe Grabs

safe grabs multiple purpose kitchen tool
  • Keep Safe from Kitchen hurting. Safe Grabs are originally heated-resistant potholders. Cooking lovers always need valuable accessories that can be supportive for them in the kitchen. Frequent burns caused by nervous cooking can make you scared of trying something creative in the kitchen.
  • Oven Friendly. Taking cake out of the oven or holding a greased soup bowl can always be tricky to burn fingers. Here comes the need for a safe holding grab that can keep you and your loved ones safe.
  • Be Creative. People love to adopt modern lifestyle habits. This innovative product will only add worth to your kitchen equipment. Due to pandemics, a current situation in the world taught people to be more creative in their living spheres, as outdoor activities are reduced. Limited physical movements and fewer social interactions created broader scope for cooking and art activities.


Make sure you buy Safe Grabs from original sellers; it will make a difference in quality. You can`t get amazing discounted offers and other benefits associated with this special purchase. 

Never forget to check out the additional accessories. 

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Safe Grabs
Protect your hands from hot surfaces

Uses of Sage Grabs

  • Trivet. l Place on table as a trivet, place any hot dish or pot over it. They look decent to place anywhere around your dining area.
  • Dish Cover. l Cover dishes in the refrigerator; sometimes storage containers don’t have lids so that you can cover with this Grab; it’s light-weighted. Dropping it anywhere couldn’t cause any damage to your interior.
  • Make Over Helper. Are you getting ready for a function? Spread it over your table to keep the make-up products on it. You can place your hair straighter on it to save the table from heat spots.
  • Art and Craft Mat. Do you have an art project? , take it to place under the glue gun, save your place from getting glue spots that never stop instantly. Keep paints or crayons on Safe Grabs to be organized and get a super clean working area.
  • Kitchen Maid. Is it getting oily hands? Want to open a jar lid? Use Safe Grabs, hold easily to open the jar with simple twist, no-more hassle to make a lot of effort for juggling with a pot.


  1. Can I use Safe Grabs to use in place of oven gloves?

    Yes, you can use them safely to put dishes in and out of the oven. Most ovens work at 350degress, and it has resisting power of 475, which is relatively safe to handle. You can have hassle-free baking with Safe Grabs without being feared of burns injuries.

  2. Can I cover dishes in the oven with Safe Grab?

    Yes, you can use it to avoid splatter inside the oven during the heating process. Extreme heat can bring gravies or soup to the boiling point, which may cause spilling through the oven walls. If you cover it with Safe Grab, you don't need to worry about these annoying spots.

  3. Is it safe for the kids?

    Yes, safe grabs passed all certifications for BPA-free and food-grade silicon. It is future material kitchenware because it is much better than plastic. These are huge silicon mats that are not less costly and also not good for testing.

  4. Is safe-grabs dishware safe?

    Yes, it is safe and useful because it is made from grade silicone, BPA-free, dishware safe, and has heat resistance.

  5. Can I microwave-safe grabs with my food?

    Yes, we can microwave foods with safe grabs because there is no harmful chemical in them.

  6. Is it patented?

    Yes, design and utility make it patented. The surface quality material of product can keep it more firm.

  7. Why should I choose safe Grabs?

    The built-in ridges can control slipping. It saves a lot of your time and energy wasted, makes your cooking process smooth and organized. Spilling and spots can take a lot of time to clean and spoil your creative mood to try a new kitchen dish.

Final Veredict

People prefer to buy eco-friendly products, as BPA free it is safe to involve with cooking procedures.  High-Grade silicone has made it durable to use for several months. This multipurpose dish holder can become a lid opener and trivets from time to time. 

Today`s marketplace has a variety of kitchen essentials, we found out Safe Grabs is famous for its agility to use and comfort the customers. 

Hassle-free cleaning, be careful by avoiding the food stuck on the ridges. After everyday use, could you give it a good wash as the day ends? It can maintain its quality and efficiency. Yes. There is a wish of the customer that they want to see it in various colors. A variety of colors can give them the freedom to select according to the interior color scheme of their home or kitchen.

Safe Grabs Review From Real Users

Lifesaving product. As I get one my life is changed for the better. Less hurts and more ease to handle heating utensils in the kitchen. Highly recommended.


 Being a cooking freak, I am always searching for useful kitchen products. Safe Grabs has changed my cooking arena. Baking is my first love and feels safe from burns with safe grabs. Hassle has gone now. No more fear of hurting. Great quality!


Must for my kitchen now. At first, I was quite hesitant to make an online purchase, then thought to give it a try. Finally, a happy customer to recommend it to others. Such a handy product to help you with cooking essentials.    


Safe Grabs

Protect your hands from hot surfaces
9 Total Score
Safe Grabs

Safe Grabs is a multi-purpose BPA free kitchen tool

Value for money
Ease to use
  • High-grade silicon
  • BPA Free
  • Heat Resistant
  • Multi-purpose usage
  • Shape
  • Soft and Flexible
  • Dish cover
  • Easy to wash
  • Cold resistant
  • Spreading mat
  • Only two colors
  • Heat limit
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