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We are getting technology freak with every passing day. Remote jobs around the clock are grabbing a lot of our attention towards finding more innovative ways to earn money. Working from home means spending a lot more time on your laptop than during office hours.

Saving yourself from EMF radiations is more essential now. The economy of the world is already in a transformational phase. Freelancer and e-Commerce businesses are increasing rapidly, creating a more virtual working sphere in almost every country of the world. Smartdot reviews aim at creating awareness about the impact of EMF on our health. We should focus on ways to keep us safe from the disastrous effects of using electronics relentlessly.

Getting headaches from using your mobile devices? Get the smartDOT patch

What is SmartDot?

People now a day are looking for several ways to get rid of screen stress. IT professionals and business executives have to spend several hours in front of laptops to be active on their social sites.

Smartdot is proved a valuable tool to resist harmful radiation from electronic gadgets. It is attached to your laptop, cell phone, or tablet to absorb EMF rays. People spending long hours on screen time feel concerned about their health safety. With investigation, we find 90% of positive reviews of the Samrtdot user.

People feel relieved with the usage of this product for endless intervals. It seems pretty interesting to know that it does need any battery or power supply to be functional. 

Main Features of Smart Dot

  • Strong Fixing. Easy to fix and place anywhere on the device. No complication of wires or battery mechanism.
  • Durable. Once you have fixed it on your device, no more worries in the future, it will be remaining here for months to work for saving you from harmful rays.
  • Portable. This tiny chip can do the miracle of keeping you away from screen stress. You can take it easy in your bag during long trips. The dimension is 34 x 34x 1 with just 1gram of weight within a meter radius, so it will not occupy much space on your device.
  • High-grade Material. Smartdot is made of premium quality material that works efficiently to prevent EMF. It is made of Acrylic Vinyl and Magnetic Sheeting.
  • Protection from EMF. The primary function of this small tool is to absorb harmful radiations from smartphones and other electronic gadgets.
  • Electro Stress Relief. It can give relief from EMF radiations that can be a leading cause of Electro-stress.
  • Proven for safety. Thousands of people already using Smartdot are talking positively about it. It can be the most substantial testimony to prove this one as a worthy product.

Smartdot Advantages

  • If the extensive use of your smartphone or any other electronic device starts causing you fatigue, headaches, body aches, and anxiety, then here is a perfect solution for your problem. The problem you are facing is termed eco-stress.
  • This product will merely neutralize the EMF radiations emitted from that particular device to use your device without stress.
  • A significant flex of this product is that it’s not going to affect the functioning of the device on which it is being used.
  • Being realistic, to avoid the use of all the EMF emitting devices is almost impossible. But the attachment of this patch will make your random device environment and health-friendly for you and the people who surround you.
  • Its sleek appearance will certainly not interfere with the grip of your device.
  • It repels EMF and protects various organs from damage.
  • Its trial period is three months with a money-back guarantee.
Getting headaches from using your mobile devices? Get the smartDOT patch


  • There is not any scientific proof of the authenticity of this product. There is not evidence that proves the effectiveness of Smartdot with real data.
  • There is not evidence of the veracity of others users complains. The internet is full of people and as you may know, there are some who use it as a way to vent. And that is why there are sometimes users complains that are not fair to the product.
  • Multiple options on its real effects, there is not a clear general insight. While some assure its effects, others deny them. However, for its price and for all it can do for you, you should try it to decide on which side you are.

Does Smartdot works, or is it a scam?

Innovators have been done a lot of hard work for introducing a worthy product. Many people who are facing screen stress problems have gotten relief after using this. How can we justify saying all this effort worthless by calling it a scam?

Although some users might have felt few problems with it, that doesn’t make it useless for all. Every product has some unique features, and many people shared their experiences after using Smart dot. Getting many great views about this product, we further consulted with our technical experts to validate this tool. They also supported Smartdot with the latest research about EMF radiations. 

It is never easy nowadays to have such any solution for your longer screen time complications. Many people lose heart due to this problem and stop working with consistency. This product is becoming well known among professionals as they realize how essential it is to maintain healthy boundaries. 

Getting headaches from using your mobile devices? Get the smartDOT patch

How Smartdot works

EMFs from devices are not well known by most people. Most of us are unable to realize the hazardous effects of access use of technology.  This EMF resisting device can control the emission of these harmful rays and sanitize these radiations. 

Take a start with removing paper from the adhesive side of the chip. Choose the device to stick it over. It can be your gaming console, Wi-Fi router, or mobile phone. You can use it on any electronic device you have frequent interaction with. 

Most people still never recognize that EMF rays can cause nausea, headache, and other stress-related problems. More prolonged exposure to these rays harms the human body.  If you can’t reduce your screen time due to professional requirements, the only solution is to use Smartdot to neutralize EMFs.

Why You Need To Buy Smartdot

  • Maximum protection. It is a much-needed purchase for you to keep you away from electro-stress and related other mental or physical illnesses. We suggest you buy this, especially if your job requirement is several hours daily on the computer.
  • Stress-free. This device is becoming well known among freelancers and professionals due to its distinctive features. You will enjoy stress-free working while getting free from stress-related migraines or headaches. Smartdot is not an expensive product. You can have peace of mind while being on your laptop all day; even it works very well at night.
  • Works with all devices. It would be best if you had Smartdot to work as a filtration system for your device. For each device, you must have one bright dot to use. You have to buy many simultaneously, but a one-time purchase can stay for several months.


  1. Does Smartdot work?

    Yes, it is very effective in preventing harmful radiation discharging from electronic gadgets. We can find thousands of testimonials left in the form of reviews from happy customers.

  2. Who has introduced Smartdot?

    This product is originated from a USA Company known as EnergyDots. Their research and development played a crucial role in this valuable innovation.

  3. What is it made of?

    The primary mechanism is based on the magnet. This magnet has the power to attract EMFs with higher energy. It is very safe for the human body in every way, not any risk factor involved here with human health. Instead, it works to save humans from longer screen exposure issues.

How do the Money-Back Guarantee And Refund Policy Works?

If Smardot does not meet your expectations, it offers a 90 days money-back guarantee. Once
your return has been processed, you will get a full refund within 48 hours.

This refund will only be posible if the claim is made within this time period and the product is
in the same condition it was delivered. Moreover, you will need to provide the purchase

However, if the product is not returned before the 3 months deadline, but the client offers a
valid reason, the manufacturer is responsable for the payment of a partial amount of the price.

It is also important to mention that during the return process, the client can choose between
getting a refund or receiving a different product if the first one fails in terms of quality.

If you want to return your Smardot and you are eligible to get a refund, you can send it back to
the following address:

For UK & EU: Global EMF solutions Unit 8 Rogers Industrial Estate, Yalberton TQ4 7PJ
All Others: GiddyUp Fulfillment, 20206 87th Ave S, Kent, WA 98031

From the moment the manufacturer receives the product, an email will be sent to you. This
means that you will know the status of your refund. If it is approved, the repayment will be
completed within 48 hours.

Final Veredict

Not to wait for getting sick and then find the solutions. It is not an ideal situation for professionals. Taking protective measures works better for your future success. If you look at this situation from a broader prospect, you will find Smartdot as a valuable thing.  

Avoiding technological devices is not possible anymore, considering the health of your loved ones use Smartdots. Keeping in view the benefit of this tiny thing, you will not avoid spending a small amount.   

Some Real User Reviews

I feel this is well spent money. It doesn’t cost you any effort and since I have it, I can rest assured that I am protected.

Joseph B.

I work with the computer all day and I used to suffer terrible headaches daily. I feed much better now and don’t think it’s just a coincidence, I have spent the same hours front of the screen.

Susan T.

I spend lots of time at home and wasn’t feeling so secure with so many devices, the router, the smartphones, the laptop…I don’t know if it is me but I sleep much better now. Who knows!

Jessica D.


Getting headaches from using your mobile devices? Get the smartDOT patch
9 Total Score

Getting headaches from using your mobile devices? Get the smartDOT patch

Value for money
Ease to use
  • Easy to use
  • Realives symptoms of electro-stress
  • Neutralizes EMF radiations
  • Doesn't affect device functioning
  • Environment and health-friendly
  • Unnoticiable with the grip
  • Not sciantifically tested
  • Claims not officially approved
  • Mixed reviews on effectiveness
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