SuperBoost Wi-Fi Repeater Review | Does it Really WORK?

The internet has become an integral part of our daily lives. You are either using it to share information with loved ones, like on social media platforms, or you are using for more serious things like work. Whatever the case, our lives are almost entirely dependent on the internet today. And for you to keep up with your online tasks and social activities, you need a Wi-Fi device.

Having said that, some people don’t enjoy their time online because of slow internet, which can be a frustrating experience for anyone. So, how do you boost your internet connection in such instances? Well, keep reading this SuperBoost Wi-Fi review to discover all you need to know about this device.

What is SuperBoost Wi-Fi?

Main Features of SuperBoost Wifi

  • LAN Port: In case you prefer using an Ethernet connection, this device has a port for that.
  • Web Interface: Enables you to undertake settings in the most convenient manner.
  • User-friendly: Simple and straightforward to use.
  • Decent browsing speed: Functions with a browsing speed of 300Mbps, most suited for home broadband connections.
  • Plug & Play feature: You don’t need to do any brainstorming before using it.
  • High Signal Quality: Extends the wireless signal within a specific space to a reasonable distance, while maintaining the signal quality and strength.
  • Compatibility: Designed to function with any router.

Super Boost Wi-Fi Advantages

It is possible that you had come across other Wi-Fi boosters, and you are asking yourself – what makes this SuperBoost Wi-Fi different from the rest? This SuperBoost Wi-Fi review highlights its advantages below.

  • Fast browsing speed, the SuperBoost Wi-Fi device guarantees a satisfactory browsing speed of up to 300Mbps.
  • Wide signal range, just place the device anywhere you like around your house, and that will be good enough.
  • Plug & play, there is no need for you to start extending cables from the main router or anything of such. With its reliable plug & play feature, you are ready to browse immediately the device is plugged in.
  • WPS enabled, it has a WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) feature which makes it absolutely easy and secure for you to connect to your main router.
  • No manual configuration needed, set it up and the network will be waiting for users to connect.
  • LAN port available, SuperBoost Wi-Fi is not limited to wireless connections; it also comes with a LAN port that allows an Ethernet connection if you so wish.


Here are some of the shortcomings of this astounding device.

  • Frailty, some of the parts are fragile. You have to be extra careful when handling it.
  • Network password request, it might request for a network password even when your network provider has none.
  • No user guide, it is sometimes sold without any instructions or user guide

How To Use SuperBoost Wi-FI


  1. Plug SuperBoost Wi-FI

    Plug SuperBoost into a mains (electrical) socket.

  2. Select your Wi-Fi

    Navigate to your phone’s window for setting up your Wi-Fi and select Wi-Fi extender.

  3. Open your browser

    Launch your phone’s browser and input

  4. Enter your name and password

    Input admin for the username and password to access Setup screen.

  5. Open the setup page

    Open the Setup page and select Repeater.

  6. Select your Wi-Fi signal

    Select the Wi-Fi signal you intend to rebroadcast and input the SSID password.

  7. SuperBoost Wi-Fi is ready

    SuperBoost is ready for use.

Super Boost Wifi
The best solution to improve your network

Why Buy SuperBoost Wi-Fi?

  • Say goodbye to dead zones, enjoy a seamless browsing experience from anywhere in your property.
  • Simple set-up and usage, no complicated instructions or configurations needed. Just plug it in your socket, connect your Wi-Fi device and start browsing the internet.
  • Reliability, SuperBoost Wi-Fi guarantees fantastic browsing, thanks to its great signal quality and signal strength.
  • Zero lag, enjoy unhindered access to the internet for the best gaming, streaming and surfing experience.

SuperBoost Wi-Fi, Does It Work?

Absolutely! There is no gainsaying whether this device works or not. All the SuperBoost Wi-Fi reviews online all point in one direction – it helps to maximize the browsing potentials of your wireless devices. Just get on with the basic settings, and you can start enjoying internet access from almost any corner of your home, depending on how far it can travel. For your information, it can cover a lot of distance. Put your days of poor quality wireless browsing behind you with this device.

Super Boost Wifi
The best solution to improve your network

SuperBoost Wi-Fi Best Price

According to most SuperBoost Wi-Fi reviews online, this device is so fantastic for gaming, streaming, and surfing the internet. Perhaps, you have seen the prices somewhere else but you just want to confirm how realistic it is. If you fit that description, then you can calm those fraying nerves of yours, because we always get you the best deals digging through various platforms online. For the SuperBoost Wi-Fi best price deals, click on the link below, and you would be glad you did.

Super Boost Wifi
The best solution to improve your network

Why Do I Need SuperBoost Wi-Fi?

Nothing is as exciting as accessing the internet with high-quality connection. SuperBoost Wi-Fi is designed to extend or repeat your Wi-Fi device’s signal. That way, anywhere you are located within your property you can still be sure of getting good signal quality. Get used to SuperBoost’s high download and upload speed.

Is The Super Boost Wi-Fi Worth The Money Paid?

Whether your reason for browsing the internet is work-related or just to have fun, you want to ensure you are not frustrated in the process. SuperBoost is worth the cost because it makes you enjoy the internet from any corner of your house. It enhances signal quality and strength, ensuring a great user experience online. So, it’s definitely worth every cent you spend on it.

From Where Do I Need To Buy SuperBoost Wi-Fi?

SuperBoost Wi-Fi is available at various online shops. You can look online to know the stores where they are sold. The prices may differ slightly from one store to another because some sellers give discount offers to their customers and prospects.

Super Boost Wifi
The best solution to improve your network


  1. How can the SuperBoost Wi-Fi be connected?

    According to this SuperBoost Wi-Fi review, no form of connection is needed before you can use this device. Just turn it on, and set the device to point to your main router. That’s all!

  2. Can it cover an entire home?

    It depends on how the signal extender is positioned. As long as it can access the router’s signal, it will boost it and make it stronger. That way, other users with their devices can access the main router through it.

  3. Is SuperBoost Wi-Fi a scam?

    People write all sort of things online for obvious reasons. I have been privileged to see the features for myself. I can tell you it is not a scam.

  4. What is the best location to place this Wi-Fi?

    The beautiful thing about SuperBoost is that you can put it anywhere within the signal scope. As long as you are within the 1500 sq. ft. area, you are sure of browsing the internet with strong internet connection.

  5. Do I need to rearrange my furniture for this to work?

    Your furniture arrangement has no impact on SuperBoost’s ability to enhance your wireless internet connection.

  6. Does it work in all the dead spots of the house?

    SuperBoost can rebroadcast your wireless signal to every corner of your house. You can say goodbye to dead spots in your house with this device.

Super Boost Wifi
The best solution to improve your network

Superboost Wifi Review from Real Users

When I first learned about this wireless signal extender, I was skeptical about it. I never believed it was going to boost my internet speed. But, I am glad I bought it.

John M

As someone who runs a startup with a small workforce, this device has been able to help me provide my employees with high speed internet connection.

Sophie Evans

For a non-techie freak like myself, I will score SuperBoost 4.5 out of 5 because I only needed to plug it into my mains and it worked seamlessly with my Wi-Fi device.

J Biden

Super Boost Wifi

The compact wifi repeater that works as a range extender, access point, and router.
9.5 Total Score
SuperBoost Wifi

Since the invention of the wifi, you have been complaining about dead zones and range issues. Read my SuperBoost Wifi review to solve it.

Value for money
Ease to use
  • Fast browsing speed
  • Wide signal range
  • Plug & Play
  • WPS enabled
  • No manual configuration needed
  • LAN port available
  • Frailty
  • Network password request
  • No user guide
User Rating: No Ratings Yet!

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