VIZR Heads Up Display Reviews 2022: Best Display HUD in Car

vizr review

VIZR makes your driving safer and enjoyable by placing the navigation feature from your smartphone on your dashboard and ensuring you keep your heads up when driving on the road using a VIZR Heads Up Display (HUD). This VIZR review will explain what is VIZR is, its main features, why you should buy VIZR by FIXD, and others.

Let’s begin this review with what VIZR is.

What is VIZR?

vizr driving display

VIZR is a navigation tool attached to your android phones to give you an effortless display of all the related features. Professional drivers take great note of road safety measures. Placing a navigation device on the dashboard of your car can save you from many horrible accidents.

You can see your car speed, fuel level, the direction of the road while being just looking at the front side. VIZR has a reputation for being a very famous device acknowledged by drivers to get ideal safety measures. It can simply attach to all models of android phone, gives a front view display of navigation app. You can connect it with FIXD app to take benefit of all the fantastic features.

FIXD can detect any possible issue in your vehicle. It offers potential solutions to your car problem diagnostics. Through FIXD, you will get push notifications for any upcoming maintenance of your car.  You can be proactive about the p-coming repairs so you can plan maintenance expenses. Getting valuable information about VIZR can help you to think about making a wise purchase decision. Click this link and order for VIZR now!

Main Features of VIZR

  • Strong Fixing. The frame can stick on the dashboard with an already applied adhesive layer—no worries about any scratches due to sudden jerks or bumps during the drive.
  • Durable. Smartphone features can interrupt you during a drive to focus on navigation guidelines. VIZR is damage proof with minor hurts, and it can resist scratches well.
  • Slip-Resistant Body. It has a slip-resistant body, which you can carry along during long travels. Safely grab it; it can keep your phone safe during attachment to take direction for navigation.
  • Weather Friendly. VIZR can work in all kinds of weather conditions. Rain, smog, fog, and extremities of weather are not going to blur its display. A built-in weather adjustment mechanism can automatically set the screen display.
  • Multi-Purpose Usage. You will not only get the right directions but will have complete connectivity with your cell phone applications. Attending calls and receiving messages is possible while on the go with VIZR.

VIZR Advantages

  • Keeps you focus, the simple head-up mechanism can keep you focused on the front view, save you from muscle stress due to frequent rotation during driving.
  • Supports all Android phones, Work with all kinds of android phones, compatible with every car model.
  • User-friendly, it is easily placed on the dashboard, attached with the mobile phone, to give you a more significant and clear display of the route map.
  • Convenience, Light and screen display is adjustable with nighttime mode to give you the same result as you can see during the daytime.
  • Stay connected always, Have better connectivity, VIZR allows you to see call and SMS notifications on the screen.
  • Flexibility, VIZR gives you the freedom to choose between various routes for the same destination. Ask VIZR about the estimation of distance and time to make the best selection accordingly.
  • Assign speed limit for a route, It can detect the decided speed limit for a particular route, and if you are going to cross this limit, it will indicate that.
  • Access to maps, It gives effortless access to the direction maps.
  • Efficiency, Works more efficiently when used with FIXD device that can detect any possible issue with your vehicle.
  • Reliability, this is a very reliable feature to have better driving skill. Viewing car speed and front view and back view adjustment works fantastic to have better control on the steering wheel.


  • Binding permanently to the dashboard, some customers have complained about weak adhesive sticking that could bind it on the dashboard; possible reasons are dirty surfaces.
  • Some phone apps may be disabled, it can disable few apps in your phone while working on navigation, which may vary according to settings.

How To Set Up and Use The Vizr

vizr heads up display

Follow these steps to set up and use. VIZR.

  1. Step 1

    Clean your dashboard and ensure it is dust and dirt free

  2. Step 2

    Remove the plastic sheet covering that section of VIZR with adhesive.

  3. Step 3

    Place VIZR on the dashboard. Ensure it is positioned conveniently for you to see and stay focus.

  4. Step 4

    Connect VIZR with any of these apps: FIXD, HUDWAY Go, Google Map, Speedometer, Sygic, Navmii.

  5. Step 5

    Check the display screen if its properly oriented and pointing in the right direction to avoid any issue during driving.

VIZR HUD helps you not being distracted while driving

Why You Need To Buy Vizr

VIZR has earned a lot of excellent reviews. Below are the reasons why you need to buy VIZR.

  • Easy Navigation Using Your Smartphone. VIZR turns your phone into a Heads Up Display (HUD) for ease of navigation and focus when driving.
  • Ideal for any driver. VIZR is ideal for every driver and car. It makes it easier for you to see every traffic, direction, and driving speed.
  • Compatible With All Cars. It supports all car models and sizes.
  • GPS Navigation. Use GPS with ease when using VISR.

Does VIZR Work, or is it a scam?

VIZR works perfectly and it is not a scam? Excellent reviews have confirmed thousands of people were already taking advantage of and benefiting from this device. You will get GPS access for telling the route map. Besides this, it can work to tell you about nearby critical places.  You can look for resultants, repairing shops and other essential places in the nearby area.

Why risk your safety to save few pennies? Having VIZR gives you ease to see direction clearly with a clear resolution. Long travels can’t be put at risk without having navigation guidance.  Many other devices working with HUD apps lead the market, but we have seen very many positive reviews about VIZR. Customer having great experience have shared their stories wherein time of difficulty it helps them.  Click here and order for yours now. Don’t forget to leave a feedback while enjoying VIZR.

VIZR HUD helps you not being distracted while driving

Technical Specifications

  • Manufacturer: VIZR
  • Other Display Feature: Wireless
  • Product Dimension: 6 X 4X 1.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 4.8 Ounces


  1. What apps are compatible with VIZR?

    These apps are compatible with VIZR: HUDWAY Go, Heads-Up Display Widgets, FIXD App, Apple Maps, NavMii, and Google Maps.

  2. How does VIZR attach to the dashboard?

    Use the adhesive strip on VIZR to affix it to your vehicle’s dashboard.

  3. How is VIZR’s day and night display performance?

    VIZR display is perfect and works great in both day and night without any reflection issues as a result of its glass panel that is treated.

  4. Will VIZR function in my vehicle?

    VIZR supports all vehicles.

  5. What apps can you use with VIZR?

    HUDWAY Go, Heads-Up Display Widgets, FIXD App, Apple Maps, NavMii, and Google Maps.

  6. What phones can I use with VIZR?

    VIZR is compatible with any smartphone.

VIZR Review From Real Users

Driving has never been safer with VIZR. It have no issue driving at night and day. This is great

Shaw M

Very easy to set up and use. All my three cars have VIZR. I cannot drive without it. Great app and device!

Kelvin D


VIZR HUD helps you not being distracted while driving
8.5 Total Score

VIZR HUD helps you not being distracted while driving

Value for money
Ease to use
  • Strong Fixing
  • Durable
  • Slip-Resistant
  • Weather Friendly
  • Stay connected always
  • Binding permanently to the dashboard
  • Some phone apps may be disabled
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