Xtra-PC Reviews ¡The USB-Stick That Boosts Your PC! 2022

Computers are always fun the first time you buy them. They are super-fast from the onset and interesting to use. They don’t lag or buffer; the computer responds always to any click. But as time goes on, the sweet romance between you and your PC starts to fade away because it does not respond as fast as it used to. As a result of this slowness, you can’t help but think of how you can get yourself another brand new PC.

Sincerely speaking, how many brand new PCs are you going to be buying in your lifetime? Suppose you had something that can help you improve your computer’s performance speed like a brand new PC? Exactly! I knew you were going to like the idea and cannot wait to know the solution to this. Xtra-PC is the solution. Keenly read and understand this XtraPC review and see how you can enhance and optimize your PC performance with it.

What is Xtra-PC?

It’s a USB device that empowers your slow, running PC with fast Linux operating system. Xtra-PC will boost your system’s performance and it is 100% user-friendly. You only need to connect it to your computer to start using it.

Main Features of XtraPC

  • Operating System Compatibility: Whether you are using Windows or Mac, XtraPC is designed to aid your slow PC and make it function at optimal speed.
  • Easy Set-Up and Usage: Installing XtraPC is so easy that anyone can do it. The fast OS will start running on its own. In other words, you can install it effortlessly, even without a deep knowledge of OS installations.
  • Comes with most basic programs: XtraPC comes pre-installed with basic programs like web browser, spreadsheets, images, music, video players, document reader & creation, and others.
  • Doesn’t tamper with your files: The only thing that XtraPC replaces is the slow OS. It does not touch your files.
  • Does not necessarily need a hard drive to work: Even if your PC lacks a functional hard drive, XtraPC will work flawlessly on it.
  • Cost-effective: You mustn’t buy a new PC whenever yours starts slowing down. Just get this device, and you are good to go.

XtraPC Advantages

This XtraPC review section will be treating you to the mouth-watering benefits of this device. Outlined below are the reasons this device is becoming famous and reliable with each passing day:

  • Cost-effective & access friendly, it is inexpensive and is easy to access
  • Port-compatible, can be connected to any device which uses a USB port
  • Simple installation & usage, using it is straightforward and easy
  • Optimal performance, ensures a speedy performance of your system
  • Malware and virus resistant, is completely protected from malwares and viruses
  • Works without hard drive, it doesn’t necessarily need any hard disk to function
  • Ensured privacy, also makes sure your privacy online is completely protected from unauthorized access.


These are the few reasons users have complained about this device. Read below to see for yourself

  • Can’t function without the device, if for any reason you disconnect the XtraPC device in the course of using your PC, XtraPC will stop working.
  • No MS Word, Do not expect to find MS Office on it; only the Linux alternative.
  • It might not allow the old applications on your PC to run. It means you might not be able to use many of your applications
  • The shipping charges to some areas is simply outrageous.
  • It can overwrite or erase some of the files you have in your computer

How to hoop up, install and use Xtra-PC?

  1. Step 1

    Make sure your PC has been turned off first.

  2. Step 2

    Attach the Xtra-PC device to your USB port

  3. Step 3

    Turn on the power PC button

  4. Step 4

    Tap the button needed to display the Boot Menu options

  5. Step 5

    Select the Xtra-PC device, and it will open up pretty fast

  6. Step 6

    Click on any of the programs on the desktop and start using

Improve the speed of your computer

Why buy XtraPC device?

While this sounds like a reasonable question, I am completely sure you have never seen a device with features and performance like this before. For starters, there are so many reasons you need to buy this device. If you like it when your system performs super-optimally, then you certainly need this device when your PC performs at a snail speed.

I had read some reviews about XtraPC device online, and I thought – surely, this must be a scam! But I was astonished when I had a chance to see for myself how it works. One of the differences between an old and a new PC is their performance in terms of speed. You can resurrect your PC with XtraPC device. Surely, this device works like magic, and you won’t regret having it!

XtraPC does it work?

XtraPC is as real as the air you breathe. It is designed to reliably boost the performance of your PC. I once use it with my old laptop to test its reliability and its outcome is amazing and recommendable. A PC that ordinarily took almost ninety (90) seconds to display a video was so enhanced by the XtraPC device that it literally display same video in less than a second. How do we compare that? I don’t think we can! XtraPC is genuine and efficient in boosting PC performance and functionality.

Improve the speed of your computer

Where Can You Use it?

There are many things you can do when you have the Xtra-PC device. It comes with several software pre-installed. It is easy to install, and usage is not a big deal. It has Open office and some other basic software you may want to work with. There are apps for listening to music and watching your favorite movies. That is not all, as it also comes pre-installed with streaming apps, like Netflix and the likes.

Xtra-PC Testing

Testing Xtra-PC to know if it works is easy. Open up a movie and play it through your regular hard drive. Calculate how much time passes before the movie player opens. Mark the time and stop the movie. Try to play the same movie after booting your PC via the Xtra-PC device. Mark the time and see the difference. You would discover that the movie will open much faster when you play it with Xtra-PC.

How Can You Use Xtra-Pc?

If you have any issues with Xtra-PC, how to use it won’t be one of those problems. In fact, you don’t need to do anything special for you to use it. Just connect it to your system and follow the on-screen instructions that would come up afterwards.

What Programs Can You Add to Xtra-PC?

One of the biggest advantages of Xtra-PC is that it allows you to add a number of programs to it, depending on what you want. You can add the following programs to your Xtra-PC

  • Photoshop
  • Open Office
  • Games
  • Antivirus Software
  • Firefox,Chrome,etc
  • iHeartRadio

Can You Use Xtra-PC on Any Computer?

There are no limitations on the kind of computer that can run Xtra-PC. It is not platform-dependent, so it can function with a Mac or Windows. It is that way because it runs directly from the USB device. It does not interfere with your hard disk when it’s working.

Does Xtra-PC Come With Any Apps or Programs?

Yes, Xtra-PC comes pre-installed with several programs. That’s one of the things that make it thick. Web browser, Open Office, Facebook, Antivirus software are among the applications you can easily use when you run the OS on your PC.

XtraPC best prices

If you are like me, then you have probably fallen for this device already, and saying – how can I get this device? That’s the spirit! I also know that there are lots of XtraPC prices on the internet that you would be forced to assume some are fake or real. Thus, we have taken our time to comb through the various platforms to ensure we get you the best and affordable prices. Click the link below, and access the best XtraPC device price deals. It is as easy as that!

Improve the speed of your computer


Lined up in this section, are some important questions that have been asked about the XtraPC device. I hope they are informative and are useful.

  1. How efficient is Xtra-PC?

    From the review, you can see that it is incredibly efficient. It has the capacity to boost and enhance your PC performance by almost two hundred percent (200%). At least, the speed of your computer will increase much more than it was before you got it.

  2. How does XtraPC work?

    This device comes with its bootable Linux operating system. That means you don’t need any hard drive before it is used.

  3. How much is the XtraPC?

    Like I mentioned in the review, there are so many prices online. But we have been able to collate the best deals for you. Click the link to access the prices.

  4. What causes your computer to run slowly?

    A number of factors can be responsible for slowing your system down. An out-of-space hard drive, low RAM, too many startup programs, old hard drive, opening more than the necessary background programs, malware or virus attack, etc.

  5. How can you boot from the USB port?

    As you turn on the power button, before the system starts booting, you need to click on the respective button to enable you to access Boot Menu Options. Select boot from USB from the options.

  6. What Linux version does Xtra-PC use?

    It is based on Linux Ubuntu. This Linux distribution is appreciated for its user-friendly GUI, as technical and non-technical users can use it.

  7. How does Xtra-PC make computers faster?

    Over the course of our PC, it tends to accumulate a lot of junks in the memory and cache. Those files will automatically slow the system down because it has to process commands with fewer spaces. Xtra-PC bypasses your normal hard disk and runs from the USB. The load on the USB won’t be as much as what you have on your hard drive.

  8. How much time will it take to set-up Xtra-PC?

    It all boils down to your PC speed. Generally, expect the set up to complete anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes.

Xtra-PC Reviews from Real Users

Using XtraPC to do most of my tasks have been very helpful to me because it is much faster than my regular PC.

Sarah P

I prefer to play most of my games on XtraPC because there is almost no lag and the experience is richer and more enjoying.

Jonas B

I have been forced to use Open office because that is what is available on XtraPC, and I must confess that it’s not bad at all.

Peter Slim


Improve the speed of your computer
8 Total Score

Improve the speed of your computer

Value for money
Ease to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Access friendly
  • Port-compatible
  • Simple installation
  • Optimal performance
  • Malware and virus resistant
  • Works without hard drive
  • Ensured privacy
  • Can't function without device
  • No MS Word
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