XY Find It Review 2022: The Best Accessory Finder On The Market?

XYFindit device

Thanks to XY Find It, you can now easily locate any of your misplaced belongings. You cannot lose or misplace anything ever again when you have the XYFindit. This tiny item is designed to help you track any of your possessions, like pets, bike, car, and many other things. No need to rack your head on the whereabouts of your misplaced items. With this device, you know exactly where to find that missing item.

It is good you are reading this XY find it reviews because you are just about to find out how much of a lifesaver this device can be.

What is XY Find It?

XYFindit review

Misplacing our precious items is something that is bound to happen every once in a while. You become more frustrated when you need something badly, but you don’t know where you kept it.

The XY find it device is designed to help you solve that problem. It presents you with a great way to look for anything you have misplaced. In fact, when you have it, you will never misplace anything again. The XYfinditi works with Bluetooth technology to enable you discover missing items that are around you. The device has an excellent tracking ability that helps to ensure you know where everything is located.

This device should not be mistaken with other devices like GPS trackers (those ones can only track moving objects).

Main Features of XY Find It Device

  • Flexibility: The XYFindit device is suitable for tracking just about anything. That means, you can use it to search for whatever you are looking for.
  • Hide or show it: XY Find It looks smallish in size and perfect as a great accessory. You can choose to show it or hide; it’s all up to you.
  • Superior tracking quality: You cannot compare the tracking ability of this device to that of a GPS device. XYFindit is in a class of its own.
  • Replaceable battery: If you ever get tired of the batteries that came with it, you can replace them with new ones. This is an indication that you will use the device for a long time to come.
  • Quick tracking speed: The XYFindit only needs a few seconds to tell you where to find your belongings. So quit trying to waste precious time looking for things that are missing with your head.
  • The idea gift: Are you confused about what to get for a loved one? This device ticks all the boxes if you ask me.
  • Unlimited usage: You don’t have to be afraid of paying any monthly or yearly subscriptions when you get this device.

XYFindIt Advantages

  • Durability, the XYFindit is rugged enough to last you for years. You only need one of it to locate any item that will be missing around you.
  • Fast, this device is not something that will take forever to reveal the coordinates of where that missing item is. In seconds, it would have completed its search.
  • More effective at tracking, for now the XYFindit is more reliable for tracking anything. There are many other related devices in the market, but they don’t measure up to this particular device.
  • Small-sized, this device is not some heavyweight, oversized thing you should be worried about when you are mobile. It is very tiny that you wouldn’t notice when you move along with it.
  • Long lasting battery, you can use one battery for years. When that one is dead, you can get a replacement and carry on with using the device.


  • Distance, the XYFindit would have been a more powerful device if it could travel longer than the 150ft Bluetooth range.

How To Use XY Find It?

how to use XYFindit
  1. Step 1

    Tag your belongings with the tag. Attach the coin-looking XY4+ to any of the items you want to track. That way, you can track them whenever they go missing.

  2. Step 2

    Download the XY FindIt application from the respective app store (Google Store or Apple Store). Add all the items you have tagged to the application.

  3. Step 3

    Misplaced any of the tagged items? If yes, then access the app, and get the location. It is that simple.

XY Find It
Get the best GPS device on the market

Why Buy XY Find It?

  • Save time when you search for anything. The XY Find It is a good device for redeeming time because it helps you locate anything in seconds.
  • One-time payment. No subscriptions are involved. The only payment you need to make is for purchase, and you can start using it.
  • No serious configuration. No kind of configuration is needed before you can use the device.
  • User-friendly. XY Find It can be used by anyone. You don’t need to be a tech pro to use it.
  • Cost-effective. The battery can last up to five years. When it becomes old, you can get a replacement.

Does XY Find It work, or is it a scam?


The XY Find It is not a scam. Otherwise, how do you explain the fact that it is not just being bought by millions of people, but has also featured on highly reputable websites like Huffington Post, WIRED, CNN, Fox News, Today Show and Qbit?

Customers are placing orders on this thing because it works. This has been a welcome innovation for discovering misplaced items. It uses the Bluetooth technology to do the job. XYFindit is more accurate when you look for missing items.

XY Find It
Get the best GPS device on the market

XY Find It Specifications

Operating system compatibility: Android 4.4 and upwards and iOS 8.8 and upwards
Uses Free XY app to locate misplaced items.
Bluetooth: 4.0 LE
Wireless range: Close to 150ft
Out-of-range notifications: Yes
• 3 Bluetooth trackers
Location history: Yes
• Signal beeper


  1. What’s the range of XY Find It?

    As far as we know, it is between 100 and 150fts. Anything within this range can be comfortably tracked.

  2. IS XY Find It Waterproof?

    It is not only waterproof, but also resistant to weather. However, it is not recommended that you submerge it fully in water as that can negatively impact its tracking abilities.

  3. How does Xyfindit work?

    The XY Find It has a simple mode of operation. It uses Bluetooth to track its items. It keeps tabs on all tagged items on the app.

  4. Can I take my XY Find It through airport security?

    It is similar to any normal Bluetooth device, so passing it through security at the airport should not be a problem.

  5. Can I track my wife’s phone without her knowing?

    It depends on what you have in mind. If it is to track what goes into and out of the phone, I am afraid XY Find It is not cut out for that.

XY Find It Review From Real Users

Locating lost items have never been easier for me since I got myself this XY Find It device.

Ariella Whitley

I thought it was all hype until I had to purchase one for myself. I never have to bother about anything going missing again because technically they never will with this device.

Alissa Emery

As long as you can tag the device to anything, you can look for it with the app whenever it goes missing. This is amazing!

Ayse Broks

XY Find It

The Best GPS Device On The Market
9 Total Score
XY Find It

The Best GPS Device On The Market

Value for money
Ease to use
  • Flexibility
  • Tracking Quality
  • Fast
  • Small-sized
  • Long battery
  • Limited stock
  • Distance
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